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Technology Support

How to access Technology support?

TechServe's Purpose Statement:

“To willingly serve and empower the Covenant community by leading a Christ-centred response to technology, delivering services which support and enhance teaching and learning, while being responsible stewards of creation.”

TechServe is Covenant's technology support team. TechServe assists families in navigating digital technology in the home and in the classroom. Support for students is available from TechServe located in the Learning Hub or by submitting a ticket online. Parents may contact TechServe via email or see the options below for more information. 

Using technology at home

Covenant Christian School supports parents in their responsibility to keep children safe when using technology at home. The following four steps form the basis of developing young people with an appropriate, biblical approach to digital technology. 

  1. Protection
  2. Education
  3. Supervision
  4. Trust

It is important to have some level of protection on your home network. There are multitudes of internet websites that are not appropriate for our children to have access to. We should take action to reduce the risk of them accidentally finding any disturbing content. There are different methods that can achieve this. We recommend control ‘upstream’ from the device itself. This means that no extra software needs to be installed on the device itself, as children will, in many cases, have permission to add and remove apps from their device. By applying protection to the wireless network itself, every device that connects to that network is protected without the need to install extra software. An additional benefit of this type of protection is that they will generally enable a schedule of internet access as well, and some also provide reporting on sites visited to enable improved communication between you and your child.  

An important note  

It is important for families to realise that nearly all smartphones with a 4G or 5G sim will provide unfiltered internet connection. This connection can then be shared among other devices. If your child has a smartphone, they can bypass your home wireless internet connection and access any website they desire.  


Parents are highly recommended to access the free resources provided by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. You will find them here: https://esafety.gov.au


Children need to be supervised when using digital technology. Covenant recommends that ALL technology is used and charged in a public space and should NOT be used in the bedroom. The temptations are many and varied, and the best deterrent for those temptations is to have visible screens in the home. 

Students in Years 7 to 9 should not need to use their devices any later than 9.30pm. 


As children grow, they will earn trust. More freedom should be gradually given, while continuing to communicate openly about how to use technology in an appropriate manner. At the same time, students make mistakes. We are all sinful and when children do make mistakes, they need to know that there will be consequences, but that they will be framed with forgiveness and grace.

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Charge devices in a public place in the home 
  • Devices should never be used in the bedroom
  • Install web filtering on your home internet connection
  • Students in Years 7 to 9 should not need to use their devices after 9.30pm
  • Be a PEST (Protect, Educate, Supervise, Trust)

A brief guide to Canvas

In the video below, our former Director of ICT, gives a brief overview of Canvas, including dashboard navigation, announcements, submitting assignments and where to find help.