To faithfully serve in God’s plan to restore all things under the lordship of Jesus Christ.


To assist parents in the nurture of their children, by providing a Christ-centred, biblically grounded, culturally engaging and academically rigorous education to equip the children to live for God’s glory.

Covenant Christian School provides high quality education with a Christ-centred worldview. The school Vision and Mission provides a strong foundation for staff, students and families in everything we do at school.

Summary Statement of Belief

The theological position of the school has been carefully set out in our Summary Statement of Belief.

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Our Vision Statement

Our vision begins with God. It is not driven by what we want to achieve, or by what we will do, but by what God has done and is doing to restore all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is that students come to accept Christ as Lord and to spend their lives serving Him. Education at Covenant is directed to equipping them to do this faithfully - by being Christ-centred, biblically based, culturally engaging and academically rigorous.

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Our School Logo

A new school logo was introduced in 2017. The logo represents the centrality of Jesus Christ and the importance of God's word in our school. The outer circle communicates that there is one true eternal God. This video provides a detailed explanation.

The name 'Covenant'

The name of the school refers to the covenant of grace, underlying the relationship between God and his people, which includes our children. In this covenant, God promises salvation through faith and invites a response of obedience, love and praise. At Covenant, we demonstrate our response by seeking to hold Christ at the centre of everything we do.

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