This page is designed to provide parents with detailed information about the iPad Program and Secondary Laptop Program.

IPAD Program

All students in Junior School have access to an iPad plus STM keyboard case for classroom use. Students in Years 3 to 6 are issued with their own individual iPads. In 2024, Year 8 students will use a school supplied iPad.

School supplied iPad Program for Year 8 2024
In the classroom
iPad damage
iPad support

School supplied iPad Program for Year 8 2024

All students in Year 8 2024 will continue to use their school-issued Apple iPad plus STM keyboard-case until the end of Year 8 2024 (or prior to leaving).

These iPads are managed by the school. All apps needed for use at school are pre-installed by the school via our management system.

Parents will have the option of connecting the device to the app store via an AppleID – and installing other apps that aren’t required for use at school. Only those apps that have been added to a “whitelist” by Covenant TechServe staff, in consultation with the relevant Student Wellbeing Coordinator, will be able to be installed. Please note that connecting an Apple ID to the device is completely optional, and won’t be necessary for the completion of any school related tasks.

Our management system will also allow the school to enforce a number of policies on the device, such as restricting access to iTunes content that might be deemed inappropriate for younger students, as well as enforcing other security and safety related settings. Additionally, parents are encouraged to enable further restrictions on the device via the “restrictions” functionality on the device itself. We recommend that if parents allow an Apple ID to be connected to the device, they activate Family Sharing and use the “Screen Time” monitoring functionality built into all iPadOS devices.

In the classroom

It is expected that the iPads will NOT be used in every period of every day in every class. The iPad is a very useful tool that enables us to redefine many learning activities which will be used when it is appropriate to do so. In many cases, the best ‘technology’ for some classroom activities may remain the humble pen and paper.

Students should save all work to their school supplied OneDrive for Business (Education) account.

iPad damage

Should an iPad require repair, either due to a hardware failure or accidental damage, the student should bring the iPad to TechServe. In the case of damage to the iPad, parents will be charged for the repairs at the following rate:

First damage instance over the life of the device

  • $0 administration fee
  • 50% of the invoiced cost of the repair

Second damage instance over the life of the device

  • $40 administration fee
  • 75% of the invoiced cost of the repair

Third and subsequent damage instance(s) over the life of the device

  • $70 administration fee
  • 100% of the invoiced cost of the repair

The school has negotiated reduced repair rates with a support partner. Families are NOT authorised to affect their own repairs to the device. ALL repairs must be managed by the school as the owner of the device. In most cases, if an iPad screen is cracked then it will be sent for repair – even if the iPad is still functional. This is to ensure the safety of students as glass shards from a broken screen can easily pierce the skin.

iPad support

TechServe have created a number of resources to support our students in the use of their iPad. View iPad resources.

Secondary Laptop Program

The Secondary Laptop Program (SLP) is a school-owned and school-managed program that will provide each student with a personally issued Windows laptop for their exclusive use at school and home. This device will be suitable to meet all educational requirements and will provide consistency in accessing online platforms, programs, and digital tools for every student.

The program will commence initially for students in Years 7 and 9 in 2024.

Students in Years 10 and 11 2024 may opt-in for the SLP.

Once the program has been fully implemented, the SLP will operate on a three-year cycle with students being issued a new device in Year 7 and Year 10.

BYOD Program for Years 9 to 12

From 2024, the BYOD program is only available for students in Years 10 to 12 who had previously purchased a device in 2023.

Warranty and Repairs
BYOD support

Warranty and Repairs

Families take full responsibility for warranties, insurance and repairs. They should consider the type and length of warranty, and the process that needs to be taken in order to exercise that warranty should any repair be necessary. Additionally, consideration should also be given to how they might deal with accidental damage, or theft of the notebook.

Purchasing specific mobile device insurance is strongly recommended. It is the responsibility of families to investigate and understand all implications of any decision on insurance.

If your device is damaged in some way (either accidentally or by negligence), it is the responsibility of the family to have this repaired. If you have accidental damage insurance you should speak with your insurance provider regarding the appropriate process to follow. The school does not have any responsibility in this process, however, we will assist where appropriate.

Warranty claim for devices purchased via JB Hi-Fi BYOD Online will have to be made with JB Hi-Fi or their vendors. Covenant Christian School do not take any responsibility for this process.

BYOD support

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