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General Enrolment FAQ

Helpful information and answers to common questions about Covenant are found below. If you would like to know more about the purpose of our school and what Christian education means please refer to our Christian Perspective page.

How many students attend Covenant?
Year Number of Students
40 students (20 per day)
Junior K-6
350+ students
Secondary 7-12
570+ students
930+ students

Naturally these numbers change each year but this table provides a rough guide. The school has local council approval to grow to 1,100 students on the existing site.

Generally in Junior School there are two classes per grade for Kindergarten to Year 4, three classes for Year 5 and 6, and four in Secondary School.

What are the maximum class sizes?

Classes work with the following guidelines for sizes:

Year Number of Students
20 per day
Year 1
Year 2
Years 3-6
Years 7-10
Years 11-12
What is the ratio of boys to girls?

As a co-educational school, Covenant endeavours to keep close to a 50:50 ratio of girls and boys across each year group but the actual ratio may vary.

What time is school?
  • School starts at 8.43am 
  • Junior School finishes at 2.55pm 
  • Secondary School finishes at 3.02pm 

The staggered end of school bell times enables Junior School students to board buses before the older children. Some Year 11 and 12 electives are scheduled before or after school. Some bands and ensembles rehearse before and after school.

How often do you have school tours?

Group school tours are arranged throughout the year. Generally, there are three each term; check the School Tour page. Personal tours are available if families are unable to attend the scheduled group tour dates. Parents and children are encouraged to experience the school in operation through these school tours. Bookings are essential. 

Where is Covenant Christian School?

The main entrance to the school is Dell Street Belrose, Sydney Australia. Dell Street is the best address for a GPS or courier delivery. There is limited visitor parking through the school gates.

The school is bounded by Forest Way, Bundaleer Street and Linden Avenue on 5.3 hectares.

The postal address is PO Box 277, Belrose West, NSW 2085 Australia.

How does Covenant select staff?

All staff are committed Christians and all our teachers hold relevant qualifications and accreditation.  

The Board is responsible, with the assistance of the Executive team, to oversee recruitment. The school has thorough processes in place to interview and appoint staff, selecting people who love God, love students and are highly skilled and passionate about their subject(s). This ensures the school remains true to its vision into the future.

Are all teachers qualified?

Yes. Teaching experience ranges from that of a first year teacher to 40 years experience, with an average of about 11 years.

What is the school's attitude to academic excellence?

Part of Covenant’s mission is to provide an academically rigorous education. Talents and abilities are gifts from God to be used in service to Him and others in the world in which they are placed. Therefore, children are encouraged to faithfully use their individual gifts to their fullest potential. Academic achievement is not Covenant’s reason for existence but a natural outcome of the faithful use of gifts by both our students and teachers.

How good are Covenant’s HSC results?

Covenant does well in the HSC with consistently high academic results, well above state averages. This is without offering any academic scholarships or fee relief based on student abilities. The school is consistently ranked in the top 200 schools in New South Wales.

We believe students work best in an encouraging and caring environment, rather than in a high pressure and competitive atmosphere. We seek to prepare students for life, to live for God's glory and not merely an exam. Covenant provides an enriching and supportive learning environment that inspires students to work to the best of their abilities.

The results achieved by our students in the HSC are a testament to the hard work of the students, and the dedicated teachers who are committed to preparing students to meet the challenges of the HSC year.

How does Covenant cater for gifted children?

Academically gifted students in the Junior School may be withdrawn and placed in a small group for activities such as creative writing, mathematical problem solving or thinking groups. There are also opportunities for students to participate in activities, or to join with like-minded students from other Christian schools for specialist camps.

In the Junior and Secondary School, some classes, such as Mathematics, are sorted according to ability, allowing mathematically gifted children to work at an appropriate level. As students progress through the school they may choose subjects according to their strengths and gifts. There may be enrichment camps for students passionate about subjects such as Art or Maths.

For the HSC, we offer a wide range of subjects including the highest levels of Maths, English and Science. Acceleration is an option for students with outstanding ability in specific subjects. More about Extension and Enrichment

My child has learning difficulties. Are they catered for?

Our Learning Support Department works closely with the parents and teachers of those students with special needs or requiring additional assistance. Our specialised staff provide support in the classroom and in smaller group settings.

How many families attend church?

At least 85% of students from each Year group are from a family who regularly attend a Christian church. Families represent a wide range of Christian churches and denominations.

Is Covenant multicultural?

Most of our students are born in Australia but many students have a family heritage from other parts of the world. The school community enjoys and celebrates a variety of nationalities and welcomes families who have moved from overseas. Our school community includes families from South Africa, Britain, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and many other countries.

Does Covenant hold Chapel?

As a school we do not have Chapel services. In assemblies, students sing worship songs, pray, and listen to devotional talks or Bible stories. Christian workers such as ministers, pastors and missionaries are often invited to speak to staff and students. Biblical Studies (called 'Knowing God') is a compulsory subject for all students. Christianity flavours the whole school from the classroom to school assemblies, rather than being limited to a religious service. 

Are non-Christians welcome at Covenant Christian School?

Yes. While the School Board requires a minimum of 85% of families at Covenant to be committed Christians, other families are welcome to join the school community.

Covenant also recognises that children may not be Christians yet even though their parents are. In keeping with the school's vision and mission, priority of student placements are given to Christian families.

How often will students be reading the Bible?

Bible devotions are part of each day. Biblical Studies (called 'Knowing God') is a subject for every student from Kindergarten to Year 12. Covenant teaches the NSW School Curriculum from a Christian perspective. The Bible and our Christian faith influences how we teach, treat each other and determine priorities. 

Many students are active in their own church youth groups and may encourage other students to join them. Students run prayer meetings and weekly Christian groups in Secondary School. 

Why are family discounts so generous?

Covenant’s desire is to make Christian education accessible to parents who choose it for their children. For larger families this can be more difficult. The school Board recognises that all families sacrifice to send their children to Covenant. The fee structure and Bursary system reflects our genuine desire to help parents. 

Please note that there are no sibling discounts for Preschool enrolment. 

How many male Primary School teachers do you have?

We believe having men as both teachers and role models is important for children. A significant proportion of teachers in Junior School are men. In Year 6, students spend an increasing amount of time in the Secondary School for specialty subjects where there is a higher percentage of male teachers. 

What does Covenant mean?

In its simplest definition it refers to an agreement between two or more.

As Christians the word Covenant has particular meaning. It relates to the "agreements" or promises God has made with people. Throughout the Bible, God made Covenants with people including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and the people of Israel. God's New Covenant is established with us through the life, death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ.

Does Covenant have a sister school?

Around the world and Australia, there are other schools called "Covenant Christian School." These are separate schools and not connected to our school. Covenant is a member of Christian Education National (CEN), a network of like minded Christian schools. 

Learn more at Christian Education National.

What are the sport houses called?

The four Houses are named after well-known Christians:

Gladys Aylward (1902-1970) (blue)

Gladys Aylward was a missionary worker in China. Through her work to enforce the ban on foot binding she developed relationships and shared the gospel. She led more than 100 children to safety when Japan invaded China in 1940.

C S Lewis (1868-1963) (red)

Clive Staples Lewis was a writer of many scholarly and Christian books. Remembered for his Narnia books and his works of simple theology - in particular, Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity

Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983) (green)

Corrie ten Boom's family provided a hiding place for persecuted Jews during WWII. They were betrayed and sent to concentration camps where they told others about Jesus. After her release she travelled the world telling people about God's great love.

Paul White (1920-1992) (yellow)

Paul White served as a medical missionary in Africa with CMS. He is well known as the author of the Jungle Doctor books. He was a pioneer of Christian media in Australia.