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Knowing God

The Knowing God program here at Covenant seeks to help all our students know God; to come to trust him, or to grow and mature as followers of Jesus. To know that living with Jesus as their Lord and Saviour puts every other part of their life and their education in its proper place. 


This program’s first goal to see all students grow in knowing God. The students that are hearing these ideas for the first time will be told the story of God’s dealing with the people he has created. The students in this course that are familiar with God and his Story will come to know him more. This program uses God's revelation of himself in his word as the structure for the content. Each year students will work through the grand story of the Bible, from beginning to end. Though they will not cover every piece of scripture, this framework will always been present as the foundation for every lesson taught. This framework provides both students and teachers with appropriate context for each individual story, and seeks to see students come to know God through His whole revelation of himself. Each story of the scriptures is valuable and teaches something unique about God and his people. Each story is also part of a greater whole. Teaching each story in this context allows the different threads in the scriptures to be drawn out in different years. At some points, familiar stories are taught again, but with a different thread as the focal point for the lesson.

Understanding the Christian Worldview

Optical lenses are a wonderous invention. Each lens allows us to see the world in a unique and powerful way. Telescopes allow us to see far away worlds, microscopes give us access to the miniscule and glasses correct vision, allowing us to see clearly. Every lens changes the way we see. How we understand the world is shaped by the lenses we use to examine it.

This is a useful analogy for understanding the concept of worldview. Just as we all see the world through our own eyes, we understand it through our own unique perspective. This unique perspective is our worldview. Like a lens shapes everything we see, a worldview shapes everything we think. Just as the right lens in our glasses will help us accurately see the reality of the world around us, the right conception of our worldview will help us accurately understand the reality of the world around us.

Christ shows us that reality. As we come to know God, he shows us who we really are, and what the world really is. As we know him as creator, we see that this is his creation. As we know him as judge, we see the tragedy of our sin. As we know him as Saviour, we see the joy of eternal life. As we know him as Lord, we see the goodness of his way.

One of the great joys of Christian education is that we present Christ and his worldview to our students all the time. All our staff are working together to show how the world is brought into focus when seen through the lens of Christ. As we teach English, Science, History, Health and more, we look at the world through the Christian lens. We see how the Christian worldview is compelling, how it makes sense of the world. We seek to know God more in every aspect of school life, as we look at the world through knowing him.

Yet, as people who wear glasses know, sometimes we need to look at the lens itself. Sometimes they just need a little clean. Sometimes we need a brand-new prescription. ‘Knowing God’ classes are one place that we look at the lens. We look at Christ. We focus on him as he reveals the Father to us by the ministry of his Spirit. We consider our worldviews and why we see the world the way that we do. We consider Christ, and his call to follow him, to know him, to know true life.