Music is an integral part of life at Covenant. There are a wide range of opportunities for our Junior School students to participate in music ranging from individual lessons, to curriculum music, and corporate singing in our weekly assemblies.

Curricular music

All students participate in weekly music classes where they engage in singing and learning fundamental musical concepts including music appreciation, music reading and writing, rhythm, aural training and instrument training.

Our students commence the Band program in Year 4. Each child is provided with a string instrument for six months, and a wind or brass instrument for the following six months of the year to learn and practice. Specialist music tutors provide small group lessons during school time, and students also benefit from learning to play in a band with their peers. In Year 5 students are able to select their preferred instrument and will continue to receive small group instrument tuition and participate in their year group band. These bands have a number of performance opportunities, including our annual Evening of Music.

Students in Year 6 have the wonderful opportunity to receive Secondary Music lessons. These take place in the Secondary School music rooms by one of our Secondary music teachers. This is one of the ways that our Year 6 students are assisted in their transition into Secondary School.

Every second year, all our students are involved in our Junior School Musical. Students learn to work together, express their gifts and bring great joy to their audiences. Every student is involved, with students in Years 5 and 6 having opportunities to audition for singing and acting roles.

Co-Curricular music

Junior Band and Junior String Ensemble are open to musicians who have been playing their instrument for more than six months and receive regular private instrument tuition. The Junior Band and String Ensemble enjoy a number of opportunities to perform throughout the year, including our annual Evening of Music.

Junior Choir provides an opportunity for our budding singers to sing a variety of musical styles together.

Private music tuition

Private music tuition and instrument hire is also available for interested students. Private lessons are provided on school premises by an outstanding group of music tutors.

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