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40th Celebrations - Our Birthday Dinner

Our 40th birthday dinner...what an incredible evening. It was an amazing night of giving thanks to God for 40 years of Covenant Christian School. There is so much that could be said about our Birthday Dinner; from the beautiful decor, to the sumptuous food. There were smiles and laughter and hilarious wigs.  

However, I'd like to tell you about the things that perhaps you didn't see. 

The army of faithful parents who came early on the Saturday morning in the cold rain and worked tirelessly.

A lady on her hands and knees who scrubbed toilets and bathroom sinks to make them shine. 

The man sweeping the hall when everyone else had left. 

The women in the kitchen who sang hymns of praise whilst washing up. 

The mums and one small boy who lovingly packed gift bags for 310 guests. 

The members of staff who gave up their evening to serve.

The hearts of two very special women to see our Covenant community, both past and current, gather and reconnect. 

A small team of people who desired that the Birthday Dinner would, above all else, be a night where we would give thanks to God.  

Enjoy the video below and some beautiful photos from the evening!