Our mission at Covenant Christian School is to partner with parents and educate our students in order to equip them to live for God’s glory. We do this by firstly helping our students to know and trust God and his profound love for them. Only then can they be equipped to celebrate his glory and rejoice in the life he has given them. We hope that all our students, indeed all people, would come to know, trust and love Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

We want our students to know God’s goodness because it has profoundly shaped us. All the teachers and staff at Covenant are followers of the Lord Jesus. As followers of Christ we know how wondrous, generous, beautiful and glorious God is. In seeking to care for our students we want them to know their creator and the love they have been shown in Christ’s death and resurrection.

All our students are loved and valued members of our community wherever they stand in their faith journey. We point all our students to the love of God and the wisdom of the scriptures. Those who do not yet trust Jesus are invited to see the depth of the love of Jesus alongside those students who do. We encourage all our students to express themselves and their perspectives so that we can learn and grow together.

One of the ways that students express this is through our student led discipleship groups. ‘Kids for Christ ‘in the Junior School and ‘Mustard’ in the Secondary School are places where students in Years 6, 11 and 12 lead and encourage other students in faith. Student leaders organise content, give talks and even organise camps as they seek to encourage each other in following the Lord Jesus. These leaders are themselves discipled and trained by staff who work together to see, under God, the mustard seeds of faith growing into flourishing trees.

These groups have been developed in concert with a curriculum program that seeks to help all our students to grow in their knowledge of God. ‘Knowing God’ classes are one of the spaces that students get to direct their focus on considering God and his word. We focus on Jesus as he reveals the Father to us by the ministry of his Spirit. We read the scriptures as God speaks through his word. We consider Christ and his call to follow him, to know him, and to know true life.

Whilst relationship with God is our focus in these spaces, his character and revelation shape every part of our school life. All our staff are working together to show how the world is brought into focus when seen through the lens of Christ. As we teach English, science, history, health, dance and more, we help students see the world through the Christian lens. Each student is encouraged to consider their own worldview and why they see the world the way they do. We hope our students see how the Christian worldview helps us to rightly understand God’s world and our place in it.

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