All devices are covered by a 3 year (Clamshell devices) or 4 year (Convertible) warranty. This warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage (including graffiti) or damage caused by disregard for the safety of the device.

The cost of repairing damage caused deliberately or due to disregard will be passed through to parents.

If a device is beyond repair, additional charges will be passed through to parents.

Accidental Device Protection

Each device is covered by Accidental Device Protection, entitling 1 claim per device free of charge. Deliberate damage, loss or theft are not covered by Accidental Device Protection.

Claim details for all devices under the SLP are in the table below.

Claim Amount paid by parents Amount paid by Covenant
#3 & subsequent
$75 admin + 25%

Spare devices

If a device fails or is damaged, TechServe have a limited number of loan devices to assist students continue their learning while the students' laptop is repaired. The loan device will be equivalent to their device under the SLP.

Annual Device Audit

At the end of the year each SLP device will be audited. This ensures devices are checked, cleaned, minor repairs are done and any new programs are added. This audit will occur during class time.

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