As technology becomes an integral part of education, ensuring the safety and security of our students' devices is of paramount importance. We are committed to creating a safe digital learning environment that promotes responsible device usage, both within and outside the school premises. We will be addressing the critical aspect of device safety within the Secondary Laptop Program (SLP).

Our approach to device safety

  1. Comprehensive protection
    The Secondary Laptop Program prioritises the safety of our students by implementing robust safety measures. We are partnering with the Qoria (formally known as FamilyZone) suite of products to ensure comprehensive protection against cyber threats and inappropriate online content.
  2. Linewize integration
    We have integrated Linewize, a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution, to safeguard our students' laptops from potential online risks. Linewize's advanced features provide real-time monitoring, web filtering, and threat detection, helping us create a safe and focused online space, while retaining the flexibility necessary for learning.
  3. Qustodio for enhanced supervision
    Our commitment to student safety extends beyond the school's physical boundaries. Our SLP devices allow for parents and guardians to personalise device usage outside of school with tools to manage screen time, monitor activity, and further protect against unsafe online interactions. Qustodio can be accessed via our Cybersafety Hub. Under the 'My School Offer', Qustodio offers family protection for two personal devices in addition to the coverage already provided for their school device. For more information on Premium Plans with Qustodio, view the comparison flyer.

Key features and benefits

  • Safe browsing
    Linewize ensures a safe browsing experience by filtering out harmful websites, ensuring that students access only age-appropriate and educational content.
  • Real-time monitoring
    Linewize's real-time monitoring alerts us to any suspicious activity, enabling quick intervention and ensuring a secure online environment.
  • Advanced protection
    By integrating the Linewize Connect client with our SLP devices, hot-spotting and VPNs will no longer be feasible, ensuring students are kept safe and on-task both on and off the school network.
  • Customised settings
    Qustodio empowers parents and guardians to set personalised device usage rules on school learning devices, including screen time limits and app access, ensuring device use is kept in check.
  • Informed supervision
    Powered by Qustodio, parents and guardians get filtering, reporting and alerts on their children's use of the internet and apps at home, allowing them to shape and guide their child's digital development and wellbeing.

Safety first, always

At Covenant Christian School we believe that a safe digital learning environment is a foundation for effective education. We are taking proactive steps to ensure that students' devices are not only tools for learning but also sources of safety and protection.

For any questions or concerns related to device safety and security, please feel free to contact TechServe.

Thank you for partnering with us in ensuring a secure digital learning journey for our students.

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