How is our school governed?

Our school is a company limited by guarantee, however, we usually refer to it as 'the Association' (Covenant Christian School Association Limited); and it doesn't have shareholders, it has Association members. The Association is governed by our Constitution - a legal document stating what the company has been set up to do, and how the founders want it to be run.

What is the Association?

The Association is a community of people - parents, students, staff and other friends of the school. However, being part of that community, even as a fee-paying parent, does not automatically make you a 'member' of the Association.

The members of the Association are, according to the Constitution, the people who are to take the formal role in governing the school, and therefore it is important that they understand and fully agree with the fundamental goals of the Association - they have to 'share the vision' of our school and must be professing Christians.

They must also agree with the basic theological and education directions that the school has as its basis, which are set out in the Constitution (particularly the 'Educational Creed'). This is supported by the Creed to Curriculum document which sets out how what we believe impacts on every aspect of the school.

There are actually two types of members of the Association: 'Associate' members and 'Full' members. Associate members who become Full members must also subscribe to the Summary Statement of Belief as it is the intent of the Constitution to place even greater doctrinal prerequisites upon those members who may have the responsibility of exercising leadership in the school.

At the Annual General Meeting each year, the members elect a Board of Directors of up to nine Full Association Members.

What is the role of the Board?

At the Annual General Meeting each year, the Association Members elect a Board of Directors of up to nine Full Association Members. The Board is responsible for the governance of the school which involves sustaining and building support for the vision and mission of the School. It also involves ensuring that there are policies in place to govern and operate the Association's interests in order to satisfy its legal obligations, manage risks, provide strategic guidance to management, and monitor performance consistent with the vision, mission and purpose of the Association.

Why become a member of the Association?

By joining the Association, you play a crucial role in ensuring that Covenant Christian School remains a place that assists parents in the nurture of their children to equip them to live for God's glory.

Association members will also receive regular updates from the Board, attend the AGM and other Association events run by the Board, vote for directors who serve on the Board and if you would like, potentially serve on committees and the Board.

How to become a member?

  1. Apply for Associate Membership by completing an application form. You will need to obtain a reference from the pastor/minister of the church you attend.
  2. The Association Coordinator will contact you to arrange an interview with a couple of Board members for the purpose of discussing membership with you and what it involves and how you wish to participate as a member.
  3. After 12 months you are eligible to apply for Full Association Membership. This process is commenced by completing a Full Association Membership application form.

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