We know our parents are busy, so we have provided an easy, reliable and secure process for giving permission for events and excursions. Parents use the Digital Permissions via the Covie App! This can be done via the Events function in Covie App. We've made a short 'how-to' video and listed the steps to follow below.

If you've got any questions, or just need some help, our friendly Office team are happy to help you.

Please note: Due to the additional information required to fulfil our duty of care, we will still be using a paper-based system for overnight excursions and camps.

events Giving permission for events & excursions

  1. You will receive a push notification informing you there is an “Event Permission Request” waiting for action in the Covie App.
  2. Once you’ve opened the App, click on the ‘Events’ button.
  3. Under ‘To-Do’s”, click on ‘Pending Items’. This is where you will see the event or excursion you will need to give permission for.
  4. Click on the event. You will find the details of the excursion/event, including the date and time.
  5. The text box will inform you that by granting permission for your child to participate in the event, you have read and understood the relevant letter which is attached below. Please ensure you have read the letter carefully.
  6. There is a notes section that you can use if needed. You may use this to let the teacher know any information pertinent to the event/excursion.
  7. You can give your permission by clicking on the green ‘Grant Permission’ button. You will be asked to ‘Approve Confirmation’ - click Yes to continue or cancel if desired. OR
  8. You can deny your permission by clicking on the red ‘Deny’ button. You will be asked to ‘Deny Confirmation’ – click Yes to continue or cancel if desired.
  9. Once you have given or denied approval for the event/excursion, you will no longer have this event/excursion under ‘Pending Items’. Instead, if you would like to view any of the excursion details, you can click ‘Approved Events’, selecting the relevant child and selecting the event/excursion you would like to view.

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