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Year 8 Passion Project Semester 2

On Monday 22nd November, our Year 8 students participated in the Passion Project Showcase for this semester. Given we were in lockdown only weeks ago, it was a wonderful blessing to be able to celebrate the hard work and creativity of our students in this way. The phrases ‘unprecedented times’ and ‘challenging year’ are all too familiar to us, yet our students rose to the challenge, overcoming numerous obstacles to produce amazing majors works ranging from intricate textiles pieces, to gaming PCs to watercolour pieces. We were also fortunate enough to experience performance projects on the evening. Ella performed her stunning dance choreography exploring the theme of bullying and Sophia took us on a faith journey in her vocal piece, viewed on video.

God gifts all students in various capacities – some of which are seen, some of which are not. It is our privilege to be able to draw these out and allow our students to be challenged in creating their Passion Project to develop these further. Given the particular circumstances of lockdown, it is clear that our Year 8 students have grown not only their domain specific skills but in (perhaps more so than ever) resilience, creativity to problem solve and the need to be flexible.
Thank you to the many people that were instrumental in putting our Showcase together. Our wonderful maintenance team worked with efficiency and care to ensure our Showcase looked spectacular and met COVID guidelines. Grant Booth and Joel from our SALT team capably livestreamed the event and ensured our technology ran smoothly. Thank you to Andy Nobbs for your wonderful photography, videography and catering. To our Executive members for your presence and support of our Showcase and the celebration of our students – thank you. And finally, a massive thank you to Sam Glassock for working with our students over this semester to inspire and guide our Year 8s to their project destination.
Congratulations to all the Year 8 students (and their families!) on their dedication this semester. Your efforts have produced a wonderful array of projects.