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Year 8 Passion Project

Each semester, half of our Year 8 cohort participate in The Passion Project. This is an opportunity for our Year 8 students to plan and complete an in-depth project in an area of interest. Each student is uniquely created in God’s image with different interests, skills and abilities. The Passion Project allows students a chance to explore these areas and develop their domain-specific skills once they’ve chosen a project. Many students choose to create something outside their current skill base and dive into an area they’ve always wanted to explore, which is an exciting experience. 

Along the journey, students have learned first-hand the importance of time management, perseverance, problem-solving and how to ask for and apply feedback. These are essential skills not only for study in future years but for relationships and projects in all facets of life. 

Students have also chosen a mentor with expertise in the area they have chosen. Our mentors have assisted students in planning, learning new skills and techniques and given much encouragement and feedback along the way. This has also been an opportunity to grow relationships between students and family members and friends, which has been a blessing. Thank you to all our mentors! Your knowledge and assistance has been so valuable for our Year 8 students. 

Our students have produced some fabulous projects this year. We’ve seen cooking tutorials, stop motion videos, a story translated into Japanese and woodwork projects including a swing chair, desk and guitar amp. Sustainability has also been a theme explored by many students in recycled art, upcycling old skateboards and surfboard repair techniques. Eye-catching photography, digital art and interior design have been showcased and textiles projects including ballgowns, dresses and handbags have been produced. Well done to all our Year 8 students on completing their projects and for putting together a wonderful Showcase on Tuesday evening.  

Fiona Butler
Science Teacher and Extension & Enrichment Coordinator