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Year 8 Extension Science 'TED' talks

In Term 4, the Year 8 Science Extension class have dissected the practice of giving a TED talk. Each week, students focused on a particular aspect of a TED talk, including throughlines, the ‘hook’, presenting an argument and engaging PowerPoint slides, to then create their own. Each student chose to persuade the audience of something they are passionate about, with a connection to science, that was backed by research. In the weeks leading up to our TED Talk Presentation, the students wrote, rewrote and practiced their own talk as well as giving and receiving feedback from their peers to improve. 

Thanks to COVID restrictions changing, Year 6 and their teachers, as well as other members of staff were able to form an audience for our Year 8 students. They were treated to an array of intriguing topics, including ‘Music makes you more productive’, ‘You have the power to change your personality’ and ‘Stem cells could cure cancer’. Wow!

Over the course of Term 4, our Year 8 Science Extension students have grown in their ability to think laterally and critically, use carefully crafted language, read and summarise scientific research and verbally engage an audience. Well done! Thank you also to each Year 6 student and teacher who took the time to write positive, honest feedback for the Year 8 students. Our TED talks were a wonderful opportunity to grow in understanding as well as celebrate the year-long effort given by the Year 8 students in Science Extension.