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Year 6 Camp 2020

Year 6 students, Ellie Tong and Lila Walker, have written the following report about Year 6 camp. 

Day 1
When we arrived we met all the leaders, then we played a game sort of like volleyball. It was super, super fun. After that we broke into four groups. Group C and D went on the water slide - it was my favourite activity. While we were doing this, Groups A and B went to the sandbar where you catch a boat to a big sandbank and swim and play on the sand. After afternoon tea, the next activity for Groups C and D was Dragon Boating, whilst Groups A and B had their turn on the water slide. Again, this was heaps of fun! We then returned for some free time before a very yummy dinner of lasagne and then sorbet for dessert. After dinner we collected sticks for a camp fire and sang songs together before heading to bed. I enjoyed a great night’s sleep (though I think some others may have taken a bit longer to drop off than me!).

Day 2
We all woke up bright and early, ready for a fun day at camp. Everyone was skipping, running or playing cricket when we heard the bell, for breakfast! We had tasty croissants and cereal. After breakfast we headed to our first Christian Discovery session where we learned that Jesus gives us a new clean shirt to wear, and while we might try to rub our sins off it, the stains will never go away unless we allow Jesus to take our sin away. After morning tea, Group A did indoor rock climbing with Group B, Group C went to the sandbar and Group D did abseiling. I think we all enjoyed our first activities for the day. After some tasty sandwiches for lunch, we headed off to our second activity. Group A went to abseiling and Group B, C and D did the Incredible Race, trying to complete as many problem solving and team activities in 90 minutes. We then headed up for afternoon tea. Next up, Groups A and B went Dragon Boating, Group C did abseiling and Group D went to the sandbar. We all came back for a dinner of meatballs, rice and vegetables, with vanilla ice cream and toppings for dessert. After dinner was the Trivia Night – congratulations to the VSCO girls for your great win! We then headed to bed, filled with enthusiasm and excited for our last day.
Day 3 
On our last day, everyone woke up tired, but wanting to enjoy the sunrise while we packed our bags. Then it was time for breakfast and we got given PANCAKES! How awesome! Feeling quite full, we then headed to our last Christian Discovery to learn that God will always guide us! After morning tea, we all headed off to our final activities of Year 6 Camp 2020. Group A went to 'Incredible Race', Group B went abseiling, and Groups C and D finished with indoor rock climbing. We all enjoyed our last activity before having wraps for lunch. After this, we thanked our amazing leaders and headed back to school (with a Big Hero 6 viewing on the bus for some of us too!). We arrived back safe and sound, tired but happy. I think everyone learnt something on camp, whether it was to face your fears in abseiling and indoor rock climbing, or work together in dragon boating and the Incredible Race. It was a brilliant camp and we thank God for looking after us!