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Year 10 explore prejudice of Titanic proportions

So why were Year 10 dressed so strangely the other day? Why were some of them looking like teachers or doctors or celebrities or ministers or police officers or any one of a number of different professions? Why do we still treat people differently before we even know much about them?

Earlier this Term, Year 10 were able to participate in a joint English/PDHPE event which allowed them to further explore their own prejudices in their own lives. The year group is currently undertaking a study around the theme of Prejudice which is being explored from various perspectives in both their English and PDHPE classes. This activity placed them in the position of being on the sinking Titanic and having to make some decisions about who to place in the limited life boats.

Some very interesting discussions were had as a result. Feel free to ask a Year 10 student about it!