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Literacy Information morning

It was wonderful to have so many parents from Prep to Year 2 join us for a Literacy Information morning on Wednesday.

It remains a firm desire of Covenant Christian School to partner with parents as we nurture and educate your children. Parents play a key role in the development of their child’s literacy skills and our practical session provided a range of strategies to help parents understand and support their child to develop their early literacy skills and a love of literature. 

Here is some of the feedback:

"Thank you for a thorough and incredibly useful information session this morning. It is such an encouragement to know it's a team approach to schooling for each child. Thank you for the practical and immediately implementable handouts too. The bookmark and alphabet chart are super helpful".

"A big effort for your staff to have rolled this out this morning. Thank you so much to all of them.  For their warmth, sense of humour, research recommendations, experience and helpful instruction".

"Every session was very helpful as it gave us a better understanding of how we can help our children improve their reading and writing".

"Learning about how core strength is important for a child's learning and to keep reading to children

In our post-event survey, the question was posed: What will you do differently as a result of this session?

More revision on sight words.
Use Pause, Prompt, Praise.
Make sight words more fun.
More consistently reading aloud with my child and focus on comprehension about the texts.
Read more to my children and do more activities to build core muscles.
Read more often to my child.

If you would like to view the session, please click here.