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40th Celebrations - Celebration Day

When we started planning Celebration Day over 12 months ago, we didn't have a clear picture of what the day would look like. We didn't know there would be 400 party poppers, or that Colin Buchanan would write Covenant a song. We didn't know our community would bake 1600 cupcakes, or that over 80 Covenant alumni would come back on-site.  

What we did know was this: We wanted to give thanks to God for 40 years of Covenant Christian School!

We are thankful to God for our reformed founders who had a vision for our school to be Christ-centred and parent-controlled. 

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to our school's vision to faithfully serve in God's plan to restore all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 

We are thankful to God to be part of a school that is committed to assisting parents in the nurture of their children to equip them to live for God's glory. 

We are thankful to God that despite many changes during the past 40 years - buildings, staff, curriculum - that the important things stay the same. During assembly, Reverend Ben and his friend Lola demonstrated this point to us with our new logo. Even though our logo has changed, the most important elements remain the same:

The circle which reminds us of the everlasting God who we serve.
The cross which reminds us of Jesus, whose death on the cross brings us friendship with that everlasting God; and we know this through…..
The book, which reminds us of the Bible and how we can know with great certainty God’s love and kindness to us, as God’s Spirit opens our hearts to the truth of his word.
Assembly was attended by our entire school - Preschool to Year 12. A 'live-feed' via Facebook was also available to all parents and visitors in the PAS. We gave thanks to God through prayer and song, singing 'How Great Thou Art' which was also sung at the very first assembly in 1978. Our Junior School beautifully sang a song Colin Buchanan wrote for our school called 'God has showered his kindness on us' accompanied by the Senior Strings Ensemble. 

After assembly, every student, staff member and visitor was treated to a delicious 40th cupcake. Over 1600 of these were lovingly homemade by members of our incredible Covenant community. We are so thankful to each of the parents who contributed in this way. 

We are thankful to God for 40 years of Covenant Christian School and entrust to Him our next 40 years. 

Junior School Celebrations

Tuesday 29 May was an action-packed day for our Junior School. Infants (including the Preschool 2-day group!) took part in their annual 'Fun Day' on Wakehurst Oval. All the serious events were hotly contested - the 3-legged race, the sack race, and the particularly challenging egg-and-spoon race. For those who enjoy the short-course track, the 50-metre sprint is a big favourite. There were stickers a-plenty for each competitor and enthusiastic cheering from the spectators. It really was a 'fun' morning!

After lunch our Infants were treated to tabloid-style activities that were designed by former student and science teacher, Jacob Strickling. With a proclivity for pyrotechnics and explosions, Jacob's activities did not disappoint. Many children claimed it was their favourite part of the day; but then again who doesn't love an afternoon involving 15 fidget spinners, nerf guns, shark fishing and parachutes!

Our Primary students certainly didn't miss out on the fun. They rotated through a 40-themed Outer Limits Day. From 40 uses of WD-40 to solving 40 maths puzzles, there was a little bit of 40 for everyone.

After lunch the Primary students were delighted and entertained by the zany humour of Beetroot Productions. If anyone can pull off an interstate flight, a lime green dress, hot pink jacket and fluro-orange hair it is our dearly missed friend, Miss Fruitcake (also known as Fiona Gosling - former staff and parent of Covenant). Everyone left with a smile on their face and bubble mixture in their hair. 

We are thankful to God for this place that is Covenant Christian School. Happy 40th Covenant!!

Secondary School Celebrations

Secondary students had a non-stop day of fun! They were divided into two large groups for the day. Whilst one group took part in activities in the Hall, the other group was engaged in activities on the Oval and in G Block. 

The activities in the Hall were provided by Word of Life and involved a series of colourful inflatables and a game of extreme frisbee. The atmosphere was electric as music blasted and students competed in teams. The activities on the Oval were no less exciting. There was a climbing wall, bubble soccer and a giant obstacle course. In G Block there was a photo booth, t-shirts for screen printing and a BBQ to keep them going. 

What an incredible blessing to be a part of Covenant's 40th celebrations!    


It was such a delight to have so many members of our Alumni community join us on Tuesday 29 May for a special morning tea. There was a lovely mix of school founders, past parents, students and staff. Many of our current staff also had the opportunity to come and say hello to their past students. Old photos and school magazines provided lovely moments of reminiscence, and a brief talk by Board member Ben Molyneux reminded us that Covenant remains committed to the vision that our school began with. A number of our Alumni then joined a school tour and enjoyed seeing all the wonderful changes.  The Alumni also enjoyed watching a video we produced for our 40th celebrations titled 'Faithfully Serving Together in God's Plan'.