Our school offers a wonderful array of opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular academics. These programs extend and enrich our students, building their critical thinking and analysis skills.

STEM Opportunities

Nexgen STEM Beginner course

This course is the first year of a two-year course where students have fun learning to code in Python before moving into programming hardware using Arduino. Each term students can build on their knowledge and skills in coding. This course is a prerequisite for the Intermediate course.

Nexgen STEM Intermediate course

In this second-year course, students will build on their existing coding knowledge to make more complex games and hardware.

Academic Tutoring

To support and enhance the learning of our students, an academic tutor is available for students in Year 5 to 12 afterschool. There is also small group tutoring available for our senior students to prepare them well for their examinations.


Students have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of competitions that provide a measure and recognition of achievement and allow students to test and challenge their skills.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)
Years 2 to 10
Australian Mathematics Competition
Years 7 to 11

Opportunities by invitation

These opportunities are offered to selected students as part of our Extension and Enrichment program.

da Vinci Decathlon
Years 5 to 10
Future Problem Solvers
Years 5 to 10
Years 5 to 10
Write a Book in a Day
Years 5 to 10

Academic camps

We offer a number of offsite, 2 and 3 day camps and workshops to develop skills and gifts in areas of choice.

Writer's Workshop
Years 3 to 6
Maths Camp
Years 5 to 8
Science and Geography Workshop
Years 3 to 6


We offer a number of clubs for our students in both Junior and Secondary School, including chess and robotics.

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