Application Process

Hello and thanks for considering a role with us.

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We work hard to ensure that our selection process is as transparent, fair, thorough and straightforward as possible.

Every time we advertise a role we also provide you with the name of someone that you can contact to seek clarification on details about the role.

Once you have decided to formally apply for a role you will need to complete an initial Application form and forward it together with your resume to the contact person provided. Some of the questions on the Application will require some careful time and thought. It's important that we ask these questions because your answers will provide us with some very helpful insights into you as a candidate. You will also be required to include certified copies of your academic transcripts and qualifications. 

To assist you with your application and, if invited in preparation for your interview, we encourage you to read through the important documents on our Suggested Reading page.

Once we receive your application, and after the closing date has past, we will consider it in light of the published experience, qualification and skills requirements of the role. Typically, as a candidate you will not have to wait too long to hear back from us on the progress of your application.

When you are invited to an interview you should expect to meet with a small panel of interviewers. We use panel interviews because we find them to be an efficient and thorough way of helping to assess candidate suitability. In most cases, for our preferred candidates a second interview will also be required. For roles reporting directly to the Principal, an interview with a panel of School Board Members will also be part of the selection process.

During interview we'll ask you a series of questions that will span a wide range of areas including your work history, your work performance & achievements, your Christian beliefs, your work style and what you feel are your key capabilities and development areas.  

Once the full interview process is complete, as the final preferred candidate, we will arrange to speak with your work & personal references.  At this stage, and only as the preferred candidate, you'll also be required to submit to a NSW Government Working with Children check for verification before employment commences..