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Why a Christian School

How Can a Christian School Benefit Your Child?

The motto of Covenant Christian School is 'All Knowledge through Christ'. We believe that Christian education requires a Christian point of view for the whole curriculum.

A child’s school will shape them. Children will be formed by influences that aren't always clear from the outside; the values of teachers, how they explain the world and who it belongs to. How children will be taught about who they are, and their purpose. And the place of God and his word in informing us of these things.

A Christian Worldview

From this input a child will form a worldview; this worldview will either be a Christian one under the lordship of Jesus Christ, or one shaped by other perspectives. Christian education fosters a Christian perspective, and also means children are learning in an environment where they are valued and loved as a child of God.

God's Word

A key aspect of Christian education is academically rigorous delivery of an integrated Christian curriculum. To integrate Christian faith and God’s word into the curriculum means presenting all subjects from the perspective of a Christian worldview; viewing the world through the lens of the Bible. 

At Covenant, teaching comes from the assumption that God made the world and sent his Son to save it. Accepting that God’s word is true, worth reading and believing, transformational, and life-giving.

What is the Covenant Difference?

Covenant Christian School:

  • Teaches all curriculum from a Christian perspective
  • Only employs high quality committed Christian staff
  • Works with parents in partnership to raise their children for God’s glory
  • Nurtures and cares for students, including in their faith
  • Has a warm, active and welcoming school community.

What Does a Christ-Centred, Biblically Grounded Education Mean in Practice?

A Christian education teaches students how to think from a Christian perspective. Our students are given the skills to read and understand the Bible well, and the opportunity to read it together. Staff model the Christian life to students each day and all of school life is in-keeping with Christian faith. 

Some key elements of how this looks day-to-day include;

  • Not all lessons will have an overtly biblical theme, but all will be embedded with a Christian perspective.
  • Every staff member is a committed Christian. This means they can teach Christianly, respond to students with God’s love, disciple students in their faith, and even develop policies that are God honouring
  • Children are supported, encouraged, taught and prayed for
  • Devotions, including prayer, reading the Bible and discussions, are held every day
  • Biblical Studies ('Knowing God') is a core subject for all students.
  • Loving discipline is undertaken when necessary
  • Each child is viewed as an individual who bears God's image - opportunities and programs are available to suit a range of abilities and interests
  • Students are not sheltered from the world but encouraged to see the society around them through a biblical lens.