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Wellbeing at Covenant is based on the centrality of Christ over all things and the way in which this truth impacts all areas of student wellbeing, in particular: 

  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Academic wellbeing 
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing 

These four areas are interconnected and interdependent. 
Whilst our Wellbeing programs will intentionally look different from stage to stage, it is our desire that all our students will know their true identity in Christ and will grow and flourish as resilient, engaged and confident learners. 
The Wellbeing program at Covenant is woven into both the classroom and the playground, and is done in considered partnership with our parents. We want to foster and grow strong links between our school and the home. 

The Wellbeing team consists of the following members of staff: 

  • Our Director of Wellbeing, Mr Dan Apin
  • Junior School Stage Coordinators - Mrs Jenn Dykstra (Stage 1), Mrs Cate Holman (Stage 2), Mr Mark Eatough (Stage 3)
  • Secondary Wellbeing Coordinators - Miss Cath Rose (Stage 4), Mr Mark Childs (Stage 5), Mr Max Monin (Stage 6)
  • Secondary Year Advisors - Mr Dave Tatzenko (Year 7), Mrs Emma Collins (Year 8), Mrs Louise Gardner (Year 9), Mrs Jennifer Staj (Year 10), Mrs Gaby Smith (Year 11), Mr Jennifer Pienaar (Year 12)
  • Our Counselling team - Mrs Deb Redwood, Mr Richard Grey, Mrs Tracy Macmillan 

This team also works closely with both our Deputy Principal of Junior School (Mr Wayne Morton) and Secondary School (Mr Tim Hewitt), as well as with our Knowing God Coordinator (Mr Jason Marriott), Director of Teaching and Learning (Mrs Sam Glassock), our Director of ICT (Mr Dave Youl), and our Director of Co-Curricular (Mrs Silva Mekerdichian).