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Christian Perspective

Our Vision and Mission guides everything we do at Covenant. Our school operates in partnership with parents in the nurture and discipleship of their children. Covenant is a place where there is opportunity for all children to be encouraged to grow in their knowledge, character, and especially in their love for God. In this way they are equipped to live for God's glory.

All subjects at Covenant are taught using the NSW curriculum and syllabuses, covering all the required outcomes, content and capabilities. Covenant seeks to meet the individual learning needs of each student and support their development from an academic, social, psychological and spiritual perspective. 

In addition, teachers prepare units of work based on the syllabus to challenge students to think Christianly about what they are learning. For example:

  • Infants - students study the relationship between nature and our creator God. 
  • Primary - various cultures and nations are studied through a biblical perspective of loving others and offering hospitality to the ‘alien’. 
  • Secondary - topics such as divorce, suicide, racism are explored, and more mature texts are read and discussed in a supportive environment. Business, Science, Technology and Economics provide students the opportunity to discuss Christian ethics. 

All teachers aim to create a respectful class environment where rigorous learning, patience and understanding work together for the benefit of all students. 

At Covenant, students are taught how to think from a Christian perspective. They are given the skills to read the Bible for themselves, and the opportunity to read it together. The Christian life is modelled day to day, and approaches, expectations and policies are all in-keeping with our faith. 

This builds a school community of grace and love, working faithfully together for the glory of God.


Our school is biblically grounded. This means we recognise that the Bible is God's complete word and it carries God's authority. Colossians 1:15-17 tells us that Jesus is God; that everything was 'created through him and for him'. For this reason, we believe;

  • God is to be honoured and served in all areas of life.
  • God has appointed parents to be responsible for the education of their children and to bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).


Ultimately, under the school's Mission, our goal is to equip our students to live for God's glory. To do this, we;

  • provide a Christ-centred education
  • teach children to think Christianly
  • assist children to make faithful use of their God-given abilities
  • involve parents actively in the education of their children.

Partnership between the school and parents is a key feature of Christian education as we work together to prepare students to be Christ’s disciples in the world.

Covenant Christian School is a member of Christian Education National (CEN) a large group of Christian Schools across Australia.