Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Covenant?

Preschool 40 students (20 per day)
Junior K-6 300+ students
Secondary 7-12 550+ students
Total 890+ students

Naturally these numbers change each year but this table provides a rough guide. Back in 2007 the total student numbers were 746 so the school continues to grow through positive word of mouth. The school does have local council approval to grow to 1,100 students on the existing site.

Generally in Junior School there are two classes per grade (sometimes three) and four in Secondary School.

What are the maximum class sizes?

Our classes work with the following guidelines for class sizes:

  • Preschool = 20 students per day
  • Kindergarten = 22 students 
  • Year 1 = 24 students 
  • Year 2 = 26 students 
  • Year 3 to 6 = 28 students 
  • Years 7 to 10 = 28 students 
  • Years 11 to 12 = 25 students 

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

As a co-educational school, we endeavour to keep close to a 50:50 ratio of girls and boys across each Year group. The actual ratio may vary from year group to year group over time.

What time is school?

  • School starts at 8.43am
  • Junior School finishes at 2.55pm
  • Secondary School finishes at 3.02pm

The staggered end of school bell times enables Junior School students to board buses before the older children. Some Year 11 and 12 electives are scheduled before or after school. Some bands rehearse before school.

How often do you have school tours?

Group school tours are arranged throughout the year. Generally there are three each Term, Check the > School Tour page. We are very willing to conduct personalised tours on a day to suit you. Children are welcome.

When is your Open Day?

We felt parents prefer to see a school in operation rather than “on show” so we no longer hold Open Days.  We conduct group and personalised School Tours for interested families. You are welcome to book a place. You will discover Covenant is much more than great facilities. Many visitors to the school comment on the atmosphere and enjoy seeing our students and teachers interacting.

Where is Covenant Christian School?

The main entrance to the school is Dell Street Belrose, Sydney Australia. Dell St is the best address for a GPS or courier delivery. There is limited visitor parking through the school gates.

The school is bounded by Forest Way, Bundaleer Street and Linden Avenue on 5.3 hectares.

Although we are located at 212 Forest Way, one of the main roads on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, many people including locals are amazed at the size of the school grounds. The school buildings are set well back from the road behind the school soccer oval with many trees and grassed areas. The school also has a Crown Land lease of another block on the corner of Bundaleer and Linden Ave.

The school is adjacent to Wakehurst Rugby Club Oval on Waldon Road. 

The postal address is PO Box 6154 Frenchs Forest DC NSW 2086 Australia 

How does Covenant select staff?

All staff are Christian and our all our teachers hold relevant teacher qualifications. Advertisements are placed in various public and Christian media. The Board looks for people who love God, love students and are passionate about their subject(s). The School Association of parents elects a Board. This Board is responsible, with the assistance of the Executive team, to interview and appoint staff. This ensures the school remains true to its vision into the future.

Are all teachers qualified?


  • 87 teachers have a Bachelor Education, or Bachelor degree plus Diploma of Education
  • 4 have a Diploma of Teaching plus other vocational certificates
  • 20 staff have a Masters Degree
  • 1 staff member has a Doctorate
  • 10 have additional vocational certificates
Teaching experience ranges from that of a first year teacher to 40 years experience, with an average of about 11 years.

Does Covenant offer scholarships?

Covenant does not offer Scholarships based on academics, music or sporting ability. As a Christian community we provide bursary (fee relief) to some families who would otherwise not be able to afford Christian education.

More information on Bursary

What is the School's attitude to academic excellence?

Talents and abilities are gifts from God to be used in service to God and others in the world in which he has placed us. Therefore the faithful use of each child’s gifts to their fullness is the only appropriate response. Academic achievement is not our reason for existence as a school but a natural outcome of faithful use of gifts by both our students and teachers. We celebrate children living to their full ability in a caring environment.

How good are your HSC results?

Covenant does well in the HSC. Covenant students first completed the HSC in 1986. Bright students, who work hard, will do very well academically at Covenant. HSC academic results have consistently been of a very high standard and well above state averages. This is without offering any academic scholarships or fee relief based on student abilities. The school is consistently ranked in the top 200 schools in New South Wales.

We believe students work best in an encouraging and caring environment, rather than in a high pressure and very competitive one. We seek to prepare students for life, to live for God's glory and not merely an exam. See Academic Results

My child is gifted. How can Covenant cater for them?

Students in the Junior School who are academically gifted and talented may be withdrawn in a small group for activities such as creative writing, mathematical problem solving or thinking groups. There are also opportunities for students to participate in activities, or to join with likeminded students from other Christian Schools for specialist camps.

In the Secondary School, some classes, such as Mathematics, are sorted according to ability, allowing the mathematically gifted children to work at an appropriate level.  As students progress through the school they may choose subjects according to their strengths and gifts. There may be Enrichment camps for students passionate about Art or Maths.

For the HSC we offer a wide range of subjects including the highest levels of Maths and English. Acceleration is an option for students with outstanding ability in specific subjects. More about Extension and Enrichment

My child has learning difficulties. Are they catered for?

Our Learning Support Department works closely with the parents and teachers of those students with special needs. Our specialised staff provide support in the classroom and in a smaller group setting.

Can I visit an Assembly?

An Infants or Primary assembly is a great way to see and hear the children. We hold Assemblies each Friday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You are welcome to drop in. For security of our children you will need to sign in at the School Office and wear a visitor badge.

It is best to check with our registrar by phone or email before you come in case of changes to Assembly schedules.

Secondary or whole school assemblies are held most weeks.

How many families attend church?

As a Christian school we will maintain a minimum of 85% of children from a Christian church attending family across each Year group. Families represent over 130 different churches.

Is Covenant really multi-denominational?

Christianity is normal at Covenant. This doesn't mean all students are Christians. Current students come from families attending over 130 different churches.

Teachers come from over 30 different churches.

These churches represent a diverse range of the Australian Christian community making our school a unique place. We believe in "diversity in unity". We like to think it gives us a glimpse of heaven where we all agree to focus on what unites us - the life, death and resurrection of God's only Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. 

Is Covenant multi-cultural?

Yes. We enjoy and celebrate a variety of cultures. Yet based on our heritage, location and reliance on word of mouth marketing in local churches we may be seen as less multicultural than some schools in Sydney. Our student family is made up of

  • 86% Australian born
  • 7% Asian
  • 6% European
  • 1% other

Does Covenant hold Chapel?

As a school we do not have Chapel services. We are not a church. Rather we are a community of Christians from over 130 churches. All staff are practising Christians.

Biblical Studies is a compulsory subject for all students. We do sing worship songs and have devotions or Bible stories in assemblies, have daily staff devotions, pray often, and welcome ministers and gospel workers to speak to staff and students. Our desire is for our Christianity to flavour the whole school rather than being limited to a religious service. 

Are non-Christians welcome at Covenant Christian School?

Yes. While the Board requires a minimum of 85% of families with children at Covenant to be active practising Christians we welcome other families to join our school community.

We also recognise children may not themselves be Christians yet even though their  parents are. In keeping with the school's vision and mission priority of student placements are given to Christian families.

Does Bible based education mean you only teach from the Bible?

No. The Bible is not a text book. Other than in Biblical Studies it does not form a part of our curriculum. However it should flavour all we teach. As all staff are Christian it gives us a common perspective on life. As a community we believe the Bible to be God's Word and is able to be trusted. We seek for students to be critical learners who question what they are taught in light of Biblical truths and understanding.

Are children at Covenant 'closeted' from the 'real' world?

Well "Yes" and "No". “Yes”, in the sense Covenant has a nurturing, supportive, informal culture where strong relationships are built among students and staff. Students comment on the positive peer pressure they experience here. At Covenant other parents of your children’s friends are more likely to share your own family’s values. At Covenant Christianity, even in all its diversity, is seen as normal.

"No”, in the sense we aim to prepare students for life. The educational environment is open, questioning and ecumenical in its approach. The students come from a wide variety of Christian homes and from different social and ethnic backgrounds. After graduation the majority of our students enter university, or some other tertiary institution, and the experience is that they are well prepared for their future places serving in society.

The Bible tells us that reality is found in Christ. The "real" world is the one God so loved that He was willing to send His Son to it.

Which is better - a big school or a small one?

Covenant has the advantages of being both a big school and a small one.

Having Preschool to Year 12 on one campus means a greater use of shared resources. It also makes transportation simpler for parents. With 900 students we have the ability to offer students a variety of options and facilities not found in many smaller schools. We do have large grounds yet separate play areas for Preschool, Infants, Primary, Year 7 and 8 and Secondary. We have two libraries - one for Junior and one for Senior. Many of our classes are smaller than you would find in other schools which allows greater interaction between staff and students.

Is the school fully funded by school fees?

Fortunately not. Federal and State Governments currently contribute 49% of our annual income. We are grateful for this assistance. Over the years though the portion provided by Government has been decreasing.

Why are your family discounts so generous?

Our desire is to make Christian education accessible to as many parents who choose it for their children. For larger families this can be all the more difficult. The school Board recognises that all families sacrifice to send their children to Covenant. Our fee structure and Bursary system reflects our genuine desire to help parents. 

The generous family discounts mean that a second child receives roughly a 30% discount, the third around 60% and fourth or more children are free. The discount doesn't extend to Preschool.

When was Covenant established?

Classes were started in May 1978 by a group of passionate, dedicated and Godly people. The school started in a church hall in Terrey Hills before relocating to Forest Way Belrose.

See Our History

How many male primary school teachers do you have?

We believe having males both as teachers and role models is important for children. Wayne Morton serves as Head of Junior School (and sometimes as a teacher). There are three other male teachers in Primary School. In Year 6 students spend an increasing amount of time in the Secondary School during speciality subjects. There is a higher percentage of male teachers in Secondary School.

What does Covenant mean?

In its simplest definition it refers to an agreement between two or more.

As Christians the word Covenant has particular meaning. It relates to the "agreements" or promises God has made with people. Throughout the Bible God made Covenants with people including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and the people of Israel.  God's New Covenant is established with us through the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

Parent Controlled School - what does this mean?

Sometimes it is easier to explain what it isn't.

  • Parents of students are not the teachers - though several of our teachers do have their own children at Covenant.
  • Parents do not control or direct the day to day running of the school. This is the role of the Executive who are suitably qualified and employed for this purpose.

What it does mean...
  • The school was founded by Christian parents.
  • The role of parents is honoured. 
  • Parents are expected to be involved in the life of the school.
  • Parents are expected to partner with the school rather than leave the raising and discipling of their children to be done by teachers.
  • Christian parents are encouraged to be members of the School Association. This group elects a Board. The Board, as representatives of the Association, interviews and appoints staff plus provides direction to the Executive. This is to ensure the school continues to reflect the vision of the Association members.
  • The Association as a community effectively "owns" and maintains the school.

What is the difference between a 'Christian' school and other independent 'Church' schools?

Covenant Christian School is not run or supervised by a church. Covenant is a school established, maintained and directed by a community of Christian parents.

The School sees itself as an extension of your Christian home, and the Christian church; a school that is in harmony with the values and attitudes that parents would want to encourage in their children.

To that end, all teachers in the school must be practising, committed Christians. In at least 85% of families associated with the School, at least one parent must be a practising Christian.

The teaching staff commit themselves to being part of a learning community which attempts to develop a broad and challenging curriculum that is distinctively 'Christian' in its approach. This is not in a contrived or 'forced' manner, but as an expression of a Christian community which sees all of life as a gift from God to be explored and enjoyed. The Bible is taken seriously as the source of truth and a guide for all of life.

Will my child be "Bible Bashed" at Covenant?

It is hard to answer this question. Every parent and student will actually have a different view on this. Devotions are part of each day. Some parents may like the Bible to be more prominent in our daily school life, others desire less.

We teach the standard NSW School Curriculum yet from a Christian perspective. What we will promise is the Bible and our Christian faith will influence how we teach, treat each other and determine priorities. We are not perfect though. Christianity is seen as normal at Covenant.

Many students are active in their own Church youth groups and may encourage other students to join them. Students run prayer meetings and weekly Christian groups in Secondary School. 

Does Covenant have a sister school?

Around the world, and even in Australia, there are other schools called "Covenant Christian School." These are separate schools. Covenant is a member of Christian Education National (CEN). This is a network of like minded Christian schools. They each have their own Association and are similar in their approach of valuing the role of parents in a partnership. 

Several school camps and activities are done in co-operation with other CEN schools. This may mean students joining together for an art or maths camp or simply allowing students from another school to stay overnight on their premises. We are grateful to be part of something much larger than our own school.

Learn more at Christian Education National