Secondary School Camp Program

Camps are important times of learning, interacting, overcoming challenges and sharing life experiences. At Covenant we continue to develop and refine our camping program - and are very encouraged by the results. The Secondary camp program is 

Year 7 whole grade Camp

With a large intake of new students to Covenant in Year 7 there are a variety of activities through first and second Term designed to help students interact. The Year 7 whole grade camp is an important part of it. Held in the last week of Term 2 all students attend this three or four day camp.

Year 8 to Year 10 Camps

Offering multi-age student selected camps has dramatically lifted engagement, attendance and opportunities for discipleship. Students in Year 8 to 10 are invited to choose from a variety of camps. Each student will select their top three choices of camp. Some camps are only for boys, others for girls but most are mixed. The camps are generally four days long.

Camp choices have included: Horseriding, Fishing, Surfing, Art, Water Adventure, Mountain Biking, MasterChef, Outback and Urban. 

Where camps are full preference is given to students in Year 10. Covenant staff, and often parents, also attend these camps with students to enjoy experiences based on their interests. Conversations, devotions and shared experiences provide valuable opportunities for discussion beyond the normal classroom setting.

Yarrabah Year 10 and Year 11

Yarrabah is an Aboriginal community near Cairns Queensland. Covenant has been visiting, serving, and building relationship with this community since 2005. The popularity of this experience has grown so two groups visit. Year 10 have a week long visit during 'Camp Week' while Year 11 students visit during their mid year school holidays. Students run a kids game program and work with local Christians in the community. Participation in the groups visiting Yarrabah is by application and includes training, fundraising and teamwork. 

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