Junior School Homework Policy

At Covenant our guiding principle is the belief parents should have control over what happens in the family home. This belief has practical out workings in many areas including offering parents options with homework. 

Research suggests homework in the junior years may not have a significant effect on achievement. As homework can at times have an undesirable impact on family life we offer parents more freedom. Teachers set structured homework. You may feel this homework is just what your child requires. Or you may feel that gardening, learning Spanish or ballet is a better option. Fantastic!

What does this mean for parents Kindergarten to Year 4?

Parents of students in Kindergarten to Year 4 can choose Set Homework OR Alternative Homework.

Set Homework
  • set, marked and monitored by teachers
  • largely address fundamental skills of reading, writing arithmetic
  • students who do not complete the set homework will be followed up unless they have a note from their parents
Alternative Homework
  • set by parents
  • may include anything from classical guitar to free play (we have a booklet available containing suggestions)
  • monitored by parents
  • students may still do the Set Homework but parents need to monitor that homework.

What does this mean for parents Year 5 and Year 6?

Students in Year 5 and 6 will have 40 minutes of required homework per night.

This homework is:
  • set, marked and monitored by teachers
  • addresses fundamental skills of reading, writing arithmetic
In Year 5 and 6 we reinforce our intent for parents to help decide on homework:
  • if the Set Homework is too difficult we are willing to make modifications
  • should Aunty Joan come to visit feel free to skip homework that night and send in a note of explanation the next day 
  • if your child is too tired simply jot this down on a note. We will understand
  • if you feel the content of the homework is missing the target please let us know
  • teachers do not want to make life difficult but support you in establishing discipline and routines
  • you are welcome, in fact, encouraged, to try some of the alternative homework suggestions