Secondary School Curriculum

As a Christian High School in Sydney our desire is to provide an extensive and varied curriculum for all of our students. Several students from local schools also attend Covenant Christian School for some subjects including Dance and Hospitality.

The Mandatory Curriculum is indicated in bold

STAGE 4 – Years 7 and 8
STAGE 5 – Years 9 and 10 STAGE 6 – Years 11 and 12
Biblical Studies Biblical Studies
Biblical Studies
English English
English Standard
English Advanced
English ESL
English Extension 1
English Extension 2 (Year 12)
Mathematics Mathematics 5.1 or
Mathematics 5.2 or
Mathematics 5.3
General Mathematics
Mathematics Extension 1
Mathematics Extension 2
Science Science
Geography Australian Geography 
Business Studies
Legal Studies
Society & Culture
Studies of Religion - 1 Unit
Studies of Religion - 2 Unit
Ancient History
Modern History
History Extension
Visual Art  Visual Art Visual Art
Music  Music Music 1
Music 2
Music Extension
Drama (Stage 5 and 6 only)
Dance (Stage 6 only)
 Drama Drama
Dance  (timetabled after school)
Language - German  German French Beginners
German Continuers
German Beginners
Other languages may be studied through Open High School
Personal Development, Health and Physical Activity (PDHPE)
Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS)
Sport Lifestyle & Recreation
Exploring Early Childhood
Sport (Year 11 only)
Technology (Wood & Food) Design & Technology (D&T)
Food Technology
Industrial Technology (Timber)
Information & Software Technology (IST)
Design & Technology
Industrial Technology
Textiles & Design
Information Processes & Technology
Software Design & Development
Vocational Education & Training VET (Stage 6 only)
TAFE-delivered VET courses are available for Year 11 and 12
  Hospitality (timetabled after school)