Careers Advice at Covie

Helping students recognise their gifts and abilities and make wise choices about further study or career choices is an important part of education at Covenant.

Mrs Gilbert is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Students are able to pop in to see her on these days, or make an appointment with her directly, or via email.

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Interview with the Mrs Wendy Gilbert, Covie’s Careers Adviser

What are some of the things you do in your role as Careers Adviser?
  • Develop resources that will facilitate quality up-to-date information on careers and further study opportunities.
  • Give students guidance so that they are able to make informed decisions, based on careers information, self-knowledge and the opportunities available. Help them clarify their objectives for the future and take appropriate action.
What do you love about your job?

"I love teenagers, so it is my absolute pleasure to work with the high school students, to hear them talk about their dreams and passions. They are all so unique and amazing!

The media paints a very grim picture of young people. They are often despised for their youth, rather than valued for it. With their energy and innovative approach to life, they are capable of accomplishing outstanding things. As the Careers Advisor at Covenant, I feel privileged to walk alongside many of the students, as they begin to discover their God-given individual gifts and abilities. I particularly enjoy encouraging the students to see career as an opportunity to faithfully use their God-given gifts

What is a common thing you hear from young people?

Many young people don’t know what they want to do when they leave school. They are regularly asked by well-meaning people; “what are you going to do when you leave school? This can make them feel anxious, as they perceive a certain pressure to have their whole life mapped out.

Traditionally, Career Guidance was associated with the advice given prior to leaving school to determine the single occupation you would follow for life. It is expected that this generation of young people will change careers 4-6 times in their lifetime. Consequently, careers education is not a one-off event but part of a lifelong process. 

As Covie’s Careers Advisor, I not only want to help the students’ transition successfully to post-secondary education and training, or a job after high school, I  hope to help the students identify the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to effectively manage their life, learning and work roles in the 21st century.

Can parents help with Career Development?

Recent studies show that the most influential factor for a young person choosing a particular career path or educational choice is their parents. There are many factors that will influence your teen’s development and choices, including their peer group, technology and the media.

However, it is always important to remember that even though your young person may not “let on”, you are still a major influence in their world. Be their greatest cheerleader and act as a coach, as they begin to explore the myriad of options for their future.