Covenant values Partnership with Parents

Involvement in the running of the school keeps school fees lower, and enriches the life of the school and the families involved.

Covenant Christian School Sydney was started by passionate parents. We believe parents are called to raise their children. Our purpose as a school is to help you in this great and vital role.

Parent involvement can take various forms:

  • Families are encouraged to contribute their time each term under the Parent Involvement Program (PIP).
  • Class and Year parents play a vital role in building community
  • Parents help with reading in Primary school
  • All Christian parents are encouraged to become members of the School Association. The Association has several roles, one of which is to elect a board. The board interviews and selects staff to ensure the school continues to be true to its vision.
  • Some sub-committees of the Board are only open to Full members of the Association. However, sub-committees, such as Building & Planning, Community Development and Fundraising do not require Full membership. Many parents who cannot take part in daytime activities help on these committees.

Prayer Group

A faithful group of parents and friends meet each week to pray for our school and community. All are welcome to join the group.