Meet Principal Bill Rusin

Mr Bill Rusin has been Principal at Covenant since 2007.

He has a strong background in Christian education at a both National and International level. Other areas of responsibility include:

  • Morling College and Morling Education Council and Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Board member of Christian Education National
  • Board member National Institute for Christian Education
Bill Rusin

Mr Rusin shares…
Covenant is a vibrant Christian community with many exciting things happening around the school. As a Principal I have the privilege of observing how different parts of the school operate. The staff meet in the mornings to encourage, and pray for each other, and it is great to see that staff also pray for the children in their care.

I believe as a Christian school, we ought to to approach the task of educating children with deliberate intention. Because the school has a clear vision to honour Christ in all its practices and activities, it is a school that must and does employ only Christian staff. We recognise the important role teachers play as role models to your children

At Covenant we seek to teach the children to see and respond to the world as Christians. This is not a nice optional extra but a core reason our school exists. It is not an easy task but one that is at the heart of our school.

Covenant works in partnership with our parents to nurture and equip students by proclaiming Christ’s sovereignty in all areas of life. This not only results in strong academic performances, but in young Christian men and women who see the world through the lens of the Gospel.

As a parent I chose to send my children to a Christian school, not because it had better facilities or even more highly qualified teachers, but it sought to teach the whole truth about the world and how we as Christians ought to live in, and engage with it. I have met a number of ex students who speak of the profound effect that Covenant and similar schools have had on them. If we do our job well by serving the parents of the school, our graduates will be more discerning and wise than the current generation, and they will have a greater impact on the wider community for Christ’s sake.

I really enjoy interacting with staff, meeting individually with students and writing notes to encourage them, plus meeting parents at our Cafe Covie. I look forward to welcoming you to be part of our school community.


Bill Rusin