Meet the School Board

Covenant Christian School is a parent controlled school.

This distinguishes it from schools which are controlled by the government, churches or a denomination. Covenant was started by, and predominantly for, Christian parents who together desire for it to be a God controlled school.

Covenant submits to the authority of God's Word (the Scriptures) and seeks to be obedient and faithful to Him in all that it does. Christian parents are encouraged to become members of the school association which elects the Board. Board members are active members of several different churches.

Rev Ben Molyneux

Being relatively new to Covenant, I became quickly convinced of the significance of Christian education and its importance for my wife (Yvette) and I as we seek to raise our children in the training and instruction of the Lord. Being able to partner with a school that takes God’s word seriously and seeks to put that into practice in the classroom is amazing and a great privilege.

Ben joined the Board in 2012

Mrs Tasha Smithies

I am married to Rob and we have 4 young children. Our family attends the 5pm family service at St David's Anglican Church in Forestville. We have been members of this Church since the mid 1990's and live locally in Forestville.

Tasha joined the Board in 2013

Mr Graham Baikie

How long have you been involved at Covenant?
Our whole family has been blessed through the school since 2006. Through Christ Church St Ives I met several peers from Covenant Christian School who stood out as 'lights amongst the lights' in the youth group. There was something different about my Covie friends which was compelling to me and this became a key factor in deciding to send our kids here. I love that the teachers at Covie love and pray for our kids daily. My wife, Gayle, and I totally love Covie. 

Why did you decide to go on the school board?
I am honoured to serve on the Board to give back to the school in any way that I can. Our youngest will graduate in 2023 so there is plenty of time to serve generously. I have over 20 years’ finance professional experience obtained in three global organisations, PwC, Credit Suisse and AMP with expertise in treasury, financial risk management, capital management, accounting and audit. I have served as the Treasurer at St David’s Anglican Church, Forestville since 2006.

Graham joined the Board in 2015.

Mrs Carmelina Read

How long have you been involved at Covenant and locally?
Our eldest child started at Covenant in 2006. Since 1999, with my husband Jeff, I have helped to  pastor and grow Chatswood Presbyterian Church from a small group of some forty people to now a church of some four hundred and fifty people. I have co-ordinated kids’ and women’s ministry, trained leaders and students for ministry and cared for people through visitation and hospitality.  

Why did you decide to go on the school board?
The opportunity to serve as a Director of the School Board is an opportunity to give back to the school in thanksgiving for the many ways it has and is serving my family. It is also a way of contributing to the ways in which the school assists all parents to raise their children to live for God's glory in Christ. Ultimately, we want all people to live for God's glory in every aspect of their lives. Serving as a Director of the Board is for me an area of Christian ministry focused in on community designed to be an extension of the homes of parents and an opportunity to help the school continue to fulfill its mission and vision.

Carmelina joined the Board in 2015.

Mr Dean Stewart - Chair

How long have you been involved at Covenant?
Since 2005 when we enrolled our older daughter in pre-school (its inaugural year). Both our children now attend, and my wife seems to spend half her life here! I joined the board the first time in 2011.

Why did you decide to go on the school board?
I believe that Christian Education, by which I mean teaching and training children to follow Jesus, is a crucially important ministry. My greatest desire for my own children is for them to grow up to be faithful and fruitful Christians, and I'm really thankful for everything that Covenant and all the staff do for my own children to this end. I want to serve alongside them, to help every child in the school grow in their faith. I also benefited hugely from going to a Christ-centred Christian school as a student.

As a member of the Board my aim is to help ensure that Covenant continues to be faithful in its mission, raising young disciples of Jesus.

Dean returned to the Board in 2016

Ali Streeter

Happily married to Mark Streeter. Our three daughters Emily, Amelia and Anneliese attend Covenant.

Relevant academic qualifications - Dip Teach - Primary Ed + Dip Bible and Mission [Moore College]

Relevant background information - I have had the privilege of being involved with Christian Education [initially at Illawarra Christian School both at the Tongarra + Cordeaux Campus' and then at Covenant Christian School] as a prac student, a teacher, a Board member and as a parent [in that order] for the past 25 years. Alison served on the Board in 2013.

Ali returned the Board in 2018.

Dr Philip Selden

Tell us about your family
I have been married to Pru for 50 years this year. We have three children - Di, David and Kate. David attended Covenant in the 80s, and Kate in the 90s. We have 4 grandchildren. Pru worked at Covenant for some years, and Kate also taught trumpet at the school.

Where does your family attend church?
I am a member of St Faiths Anglican Church Narrabeen, where I serve as an honorary member of the ministry staff.

Give us a glimpse into your work life? Are you still working?
I worked for many years in general medical practice, and then for 12 years as Registrar of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and Archbishop's Executive Officer. I am 'retired' from paid employment, but I do not consider that Christians ever retire!

What is the best way to spend a day off?
Being busy with ministry, the best possible way I can spend a day off is to have time with Pru, for example with a picnic.

Dr Philip Selden joined the Board in November 2016.

Anne Baker

I am married to Chris and we have two children, Simon (29yrs) and Kim (26yrs). We have been involved with Covenant since our first child began in Kindergarten in 1994. During that time, Chris and I joined the Association and I sat on the School board for 13 years, holding the Chair position for 4 of those 13 years.

Our family has been attending All Saint's Anglican Church in Balgowlah for about 26 years.

I have the privilege of working 2 days a week as the Administration Assistant for our church owned Christian Preschool, St James Kindergarten in Balgowlah Heights.

In my spare time I like to play tennis and have coffee with friends.

Anne returned the Board in 2018.

Karen Andersen

How long have you been involved at Covenant?
Just over 2 years.

Why did you decide to go on the school board?
We were drawn to Covenant by its Godly teachers and former student recommendations. We were impressed about the love and care the teachers show the students. Over the last 2 years, we have learned about the critical importance of Christian Education to equip our kids in this increasingly challenging world. I want to serve on the Board to help Covenant to stay biblically based and Christ-centred and an aid to Christian parents to raise their kids as bible believing Christians.

Tell us about your family
I'm married to Carl, and we have two daughters who attend Covenant in the Infants school.

Where does your family attend church?
We attend church at Forestville Anglican.

Give us a glimpse into your work life? Are you still working?
I work at a large telecommunications company as an inhouse lawyer in the Enterprise & Government team. I also manage a team of 8 lawyers in Sydney and Canberra.

What is the best way to spend a day off?
I love spending time with friends and family, watching Marvel movies, and cooking with my Thermomix.

Karen joined the Board in 2018.