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Year 8 Pastoral Day

On Wednesday 27 November all of Year 8 were involved in gender based Pastoral Care seminars. At Covenant we are so thankful for the opportunities to discuss significant and difficult issues with the students in light of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the girls we opened up a dialogue about body image and identity. The girls considered what the world says about being a woman through the media and images they are exposed to on a daily basis. They looked at how magazines, advertising and photoshop can give a distorted view of women and girls. They participated in some fun activities that enabled them to critique these messages and consider how God created them differently, perfectly and purposefully.

The boys considered manhood and what it means to live as Godly men. They were challenged to consider the Biblical concept of reaping and sowing and the affects that choices in adolescence can have on the men they will become one day. They also considered God’s good intentions for sex and marriage and the power that pornography has to derail those good intentions. Through open discussion and up to date information, we hope they will not only be educated, but start on a journey of growth and development, developing strategies for dealing with the struggles of being a young man in a highly sexualized culture.

I believe that the students found these sessions thought provoking and were challenged to consider how God has designed them as male and female despite the brokenness of the world they live in. Please pray that the Year 8 students will process what they have learnt today and know that their identity is completed in Christ.