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Year 6 Surf Awareness Day

Year 6 Surf Awareness Day: Report by Charlie and Carter (6H)

The day started off with beautiful sun and a chilly breeze. Everyone got changed into their swimmers and hopped on the bus. When we got to Freshy beach, the sun was shining very warmly, we were all glad we had brought sunscreen. The instructors said what activities there were; ‘flags’ (or in this case thongs) where you had to lie on the ground and then try not to be the one that misses the thong. The next was, ‘beach soccer’. Thirdly, ‘tubes’; we were given foam life saving devices and put into pairs, our partner would wade out to the sandbank with an instructor and the other partner would ‘save’ them. One of our personal favourites was rescue boards, where we could catch waves – lying down or on our knees or some even managed to stand up - it was super fun. Another, water relay, was an amazing team building exercise, though some cheating may have occurred… Finally, boogie boarding, this was a fun, easy and enjoyable activity, the feeling of catching a wave was raising spirits everywhere.

Lunch was great, everyone was ravenous from all the running, swimming and paddling they had been doing. Everyone was excited to catch up with all their friends from separate teams. The day took an unexpected turn with gusty winds carrying the gazebos away. No one was injured - it was just hilarious to watch the lifeguards run after and struggle to contain the runaway gazebo. 

After getting changed, chafing and the impossible quest of ridding ourselves of sand we got back on the bus to return to school just in time for the buses. Sorry parents for the mounds of sand we must have brought home with us, but on the bright side you can have a private beach in your very own home!

Surf day was amazing and I’m sure some of us will have taken home a new love for the beach. Thanks to the teachers and the surf lifesavers for making the day possible.