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Year 6 'Flip' project

Year 6 student, Juliet Bamford, reports on F.L.I.P. (Free Learning Independent Project)

This years F.L.I.P. was a very fun and rewarding time. There were lots of different and unique items including cakes, drawings, calligraphy, a DIY Foosball table, and even song writing! 

For my Year 6 F.L.I.P. I made a simple layered cake decorated with roses, royal icing and edible pearls. After many fails and nearly burning my kitchen down, I finally managed to make the final product that I would take to school and put on display. Even though what I made wasn’t a Sylvia Weinstock cake, I still managed to make something my friends enjoyed! 

The benefits of F.L.I.P. are that we are able to discover our interests and what we are passionate about. Our projects reflected our personalities too. I did a rose, dainty girly type cake; one of my friends did an AFL ball cake and my other friend did an ice-skating cake which says a lot about them. They both enjoy doing those sports and decided to turn two things they enjoyed into one. When everyone brought in their projects on the day of F.L.I.P. it was clear to see what excited them and it showed a bit of their personality too. One of my friends did dance photography because dancing is her absolute passion. Another sewed scrunchies because she likes creating things, another built a house out of various wooden sticks because she likes building things and hopes to be an architect. Horse treats was another project one of my friends did because she’s obsessed with horses. 

Even though some of our F.L.I.P’s didn’t work out exactly as we hoped, it was still a good learning experience and I hope future years can also benefit from it.