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Year 9 and 10 Drama Afternoon

Last term the Year 9 and 10 Drama classes performed for parents and friends at an afternoon to showcase the projects that had developed over the term.

The Year 9 Drama students had been learning about Comedy and Physical Theatre (telling stories without relying on words).
The class was divided into three groups and produced three fabulous plays called: 

‘Boxed In’ - Ruby Vanderfield, Alex Plunkett, Holly Ashby and Katleyn Groves.
‘Mission Possibly’ - Elyse Caristo, Aaron Halnan, Annaliese Pollard and Ellen Tesoriero.
‘The Hatashprophy’ - Zach Heasman, Jemima Anderson, Brielle Garside and Rachel Mar.
The Year 10 Drama class spent the term learning about Political Theatre, in particular the techniques created by Bertolt Brecht. They split into two group to devise plays that had a message:

‘I’m Fine’- a play dealing with the issue of mental health: Kathryn Baikie, Charlotte Dunwell, Hayley Eggins, Jenna Steyn, Eva Greifeneder and Logan Ryan.
‘A Sensitive Issue’- a play exploring the theme of political correctness 'gone mad': Mylena Fremouw, Andrew Prassopoulos, Dylan Ringrow, Hugh Judd and Daniel Vogues. 
Mrs Pitt was very proud of all the students. She said that they collaborated beautifully to present creative and thought provoking original pieces of theatre.