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View the Flexible Learning Guide created to assist parents and students in this time of home-based learning.


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Tips #1 - Using the new Covenant website

You may have noticed that our Covenant website looks quite different. It can still be found at the same URL: www.covenant.nsw.edu.au, but it has a fresh new look and feel.

The new site still has all your favourite features, such as Quicklinks, the blog, access to MunchMonitor, Canvas and PTO. However it also has some new and improved features such as a Portals menu, and a new calendar with up-to-date information about school events and activities up to three months in advance. 

We are so thankful to God for our previous website; it has been the way that hundreds of families have learnt more about our school and then chosen to send their children to Covenant. You may ask: if our current site was been so effective then why are we making a change? 

There are a couple of reasons; firstly, our previous website platform is being retired at the end of this month and we will no longer have access to it. A new platform was needed, regardless of whether we wanted to change it or not. Secondly, we wanted to increase the functionality of our website in order to assist our families better. Lastly, we needed to update the content on our site so prospective families could have a clear insight into what Covenant is really like. 

How to find Letters to Parents?

These can be accessed via the 'Quicklinks' menu.

How to find Edumate and Canvas?

These can be accessed via the 'Portals' menu.

How to access MunchMonitor?

Order from the Canteen via the 'Portals' menu. 

Where is the blog?

This can be found under the 'News & Events' menu.

Where do I find Positions Vacant?

These can be found under the 'Employment' menu.

Where do I find out about Upcoming Events?

You can find them under the 'News & Events' menu.

Where do I find Term Dates?

Term Dates can be found under the 'Quicklinks' menu.