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Secondary Athletics Carnival

Please enjoy the following report by Saffron and Luke, Ten Boom House Captains. 

As usual, the cold weather of this time of year gets all the hearts racing and the blood pumping; it is the perfect weather for track and field. The 2019 Secondary Athletics Carnival was about to begin on a chilly but quite sunny Wednesday. Walking into the Sydney Academy of Sport always spikes the adrenaline, the smell of the track and the sight of the stands with everyone in their house colours, is so motivating. As the house captains mark all their students names off and give them their assigned competitor number, there are many kids already warming up and getting ready for a big day of activity and competition. 

The day opens in a prayer of thanks for our gifts and for the beautiful weather. The first event is then soon marshalled - the boys 800m. The voices of those in the stands soon fills the air, the cheering for all those running and those watching the field events spurs the competitors on. Eyes alight, standing in front of the starting line hopping from one foot to the other… they couldn’t wait to take off. As they push off the white line, the cheers erupt like an auditory volcano. It is all quiet one second and then deafening the next. As each final stretch of two laps of the 400m circuit ends in a sprint and then feeling like your legs will fall off, we can't say there were many who had heard about ‘pacing’, but they sure knew how to keep going even after there was no more in the tank. As all the competitors continue to run and compete throughout the day, the house points are announced – White is leading the way with only a few main events to go. Towards the end of the day, some extremely gifted competitors break some long-standing records. Luke van Ratingen breaks a 22-year-old record for the 18 years’ boys 400m, running so hard that he collapses at the finish line. Mimi Murray, however, tops this with breaking a 27-year-old record in the 18 years’ girls shot put! Other records on the day were broken by Damon Penna (100m), Catrine Atherton (High Jump), Emilia Taylor (1500m), Natalie Green (1500m), Tristan Turnbull (1500m) and Arlen Chijian (1500m).

The day is almost at a close, many individual bests and school bests are achieved throughout the day; those who are fast enough in each house are acknowledged and given the chance to compete in the house relays, one for each junior and senior boys and girls. With the house points in mind, each house formed the best relays possible from 100m times, and understood the little room for error that could cost White their current first place. The final event is the long-awaited sausage cup relay, the Year 12’s versus the teachers. The teachers have the obvious [and unfair] advantage of having both a 50-meter head start and having an ex-student run for them. Unsurprisingly they smash the students, who are still grumpy about the unfairness imposed on them. (As such, the teachers forfeited the race, with the Year 12’s taking a 2-0 lead in the Sausage Cup 2019!)

As the students and teachers pack up their house areas, there is only one question… which house is victorious? 

The final results are – 

Aylward with 1016 points
Lewis with 1020 points
Ten Boom with 1263 points

And in first place, White with 1402 points!! 

Age Champions
12 Years – Catrine Atherton and Christiaan Maritz
13 Years – Ellen Whelan and Damon Penna
14 Years – Isabella Dale and Tomas Martinez
15 Years – Maddy Smithies and Joshua Mason
16 Years – Alicia Ee and John Chapman
17 Years – Lauren McDonald and Alexander Kilby
18 Years – Sarah Pienaar and Luke Van Ratingen