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Primary Athletics Carnival

A report from Marcella and Zoe in Year 6:

The sun was shining bright like White and the sky was the colour of Aylward. The grass was fresh and green like Ten Boom and Lewis’ cheering was hurting people’s ears. First up was one of the hardest events, the 800m. Everyone started cheering (and a few people still have sore throats) as the 8-10 girls ran around the track. They ran well and soon the track was used by the 11 and 12 year olds. Zoe, a 12 year old girl, ran super fast and soon got told that she broke the 800m record by half a second (that record was held for 28 years). After all the boys and girls had finished their 800m, some funky music came on and Zoe celebrated her win by dancing the dance moves of the century. It was worth it as she earned 5 house points for White. There was more than one record broken that day; amazing sports girl, Sienna Dale, broke four records. She broke the long jump record, the discus record, the 200m record and the 100m record for 12 year girls. Unbelievable, I know! She too danced to some funky music in front of the whole school.

Everybody was really passionate about their house. Lucas Youl had an extraordinary green costume for Ten Boom that puffed out and looked like a bubble. Jannik McErlane had a blue wig, blue glasses and a blue tutu for Aylward. Some children even ran in their costumes; it was quite a sight! We didn’t show our passion by just dressing up though; there was numerous people doing so many events. Some students even participated in ALL events. The stands were nearly empty because everyone was out cheering or competing. All house captains felt proud as they saw so many of their colour giving new things a go and trying their best.

Throughout the day students had been pushing, throwing, running and jumping. Kids were soaring over bars and others were trying to get sand out of their shoes. If you looked to the left you’d see boys hurling discus’ like it was the last thing they were going to do on earth. On the right, girls would be pushing with all their might to get that shot put over their previous put. It was wonderful seeing so many boys and girls putting in so much effort but the last event was the biggest event between the houses - the relays. Kids were practising their baton changes, while others were sucking a Butter Menthol so that they could cheer their house on when the relays started. That’s how passionate we are. Boys were first then girls. All the boys had remarkable baton changing and super speedy times but was that enough to win the whole competition? The Junior girls had a close finish between Alyward and White, but Alyward just got it. White smashed the Senior girls relay while also breaking the relay record. Well done Violet Smithies, Zoe Woods, Sienna Dale and Rachelle Chen!

Coming in fourth were the loud cheerleaders, Lewis. Third place goes to the very hard working, Ten Boom! And drum roll please for the second place getters… Alyward which leaves White being the overall winners!! Everybody went home exhausted but happy. The next day a lot of legs were sore but that’s because we put so much effort into everything we did the day before. Everyone must be so proud of themselves. 

Miss Hammond and Miss Kane did a magnificent job of organising the whole thing. Mrs Watson did a great job on the microphone and we are thankful for every teacher and helper who helped put the Athletics Carnival together. Everyone is looking forward to next years carnival and we hope that everyone who is representing Covie at Zone goes well.