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Outer Limits Day

Outer Limits Day is always a highlight in the Junior School calendar. Our theme this year, Xplore, kicked off Term 2 with a bang as we spent a day delighting in the exploration of God’s amazing world. From shelter building and bushwalking to underwater and school yard adventures, the children drummed, drew and dabbled in an amazing array of activities. 

We are thankful for wonderful weather and talented teachers who made this day a huge success. Enjoy the photos below. 

The morn it dawned so glorious,
clad in deepest blue
The sun she smiled,
the breeze so mild
A great day was in view
We set off on our mission
To explore the Aussie bush
A 4k stroll
To a water hole
It shouldn’t be a push.
Mrs Monin gave a challenge
She willed that we discover
Some bushland bling
And other things
‘n return safely to our mother
The creek was so inviting,
We willed to swim… well sorta.
When Charlie slipped
and took a trip
a-landing in the water.
And then it fin’lly came
That hill we knew’d be hard
we raced the clock
For an ice-block
In some old bloke’s front yard
Of all the wondrous times
We’ve had upon our way
There’s none so fair
That can compare
to Outer Limits day

- Mr Morton