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Indonesia Biology Expedition 2019

A group of Biology students and teachers travelled to Buton Island in Sulawesi, Indonesia at the end of Term 2 to collaborate with a team of scientists working with Operation Wallacea. 

The first week of the expedition involved trekking to the South Buton Forest Camp. Students had the opportunity to complete a number of surveys to assess the endemic richness of the forest including habitat surveys, butterflies, birds, herpetofauna, megafauna and bats. In addition to this, the local Indonesian guides trained us in jungle skills including how to make a fire and cook in the forest. 

The second week of the expedition involved going to a marine site at Nirwana Beach, Bau Bau, where students engaged in a range of lectures and activities to understand coral reef ecosystems and the key aspects to marine conservation. Students had the opportunity to dive or snorkel twice each day to see first-hand some of the world’s most biodiverse reefs and practice their skills at identifying types of coral, reef fish and important invertebrates. 

Overall, the expedition was an amazing opportunity to observe the diversity of God’s creation, understand the importance of conservation and ecology as well gain insights into the practices of biologists working in the field. 

Thanks to Mr Green and Mrs Collins for accompanying the students on this incredible trip.