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Grandparents Day 2019

Grandparents Day 2019 has come and gone, and what a day it was! As you will be able to glean from the many happy snaps, it was a day filled with much joy. 

We started the day in the Hall. Mr and Mrs Russell conducted the annual Grandparent Quiz: who is the oldest, longest, newest, furthest… that sort of thing. Then Mr Hii compered our first ever Grandparent versus Year 2 kid Spelling Bee. This was quite competitive with Grandpa Ritchie and Antara going head to head until it came down to the final word, with Grandpa Ritchie having to spell antidisestablishmentarianism correctly for the draw… yep, the longest word in the dictionary. Thankfully, for the collective honour of all grandparents everywhere, he managed to dig deep enough into his memory bank to save face. 
Miss Beetroot’s drama group performed for us before Grandpa King took the stage to present a Bible talk about blind Bartemeaus… well actually it was about the kindness of Jesus to blind Bartemeaus. Brilliant! To conclude this session, the whole school sang Tell Me the Old Old Story, accompanied by Mrs Gelding. It was lovely and clearly time for a break. 
At morning tea, featuring a lavish feast and wonderful art show, the Grandparents were pigs in mud… happy as. All awhile, each grade busily readied themselves to display their class item for Gran or Grandpa. K-2 taught us how to dance; Year 3 revealed their ukulele skills; Year 4-5 shared poetry, while Year 6 conducted interviews designed to take us down memory lane.  

This brought us to lunchtime, when a number of Grandparents took the opportunity to take their grandkids home for an afternoon adventure. What a day! A huge thanks to all those who made the day so memorable. Too many to list. You know who you are.