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da Vinci Decathlon

This year, as part of Covenant’s Extension and Enrichment Program, students from Years 5-10 represented the school at the da Vinci Decathlon. 

We interviewed Sophia Monin from our Year 8 team to find out what the day was all about. 

Sophia, what is the da Vinci Decathlon? The da Vinci Decathlon is a day where we do different challenges with different subjects. There are ten different challenges and we work as a team to solve them. It is held at Knox Grammar School. It’s huge. There were over one thousand students on the day that I went. In my team there was Zac Dean, Amy Humphrey, Nathan Kilby, Josh Watkins, Carys Yeomans, John Yeomans and myself. 

During the day, you worked on ten different challenges. Some of these included Engineering, Ideation, English, Mathematics, Code Breaking and Cartography. How did you find working on these challenges? 

The questions were harder than usual and we needed to share ideas with others which is interesting. I did the creative producers (a drama challenge) which was hard as we had to think of ideas on the spot and how we were going to present it. 

Often when we were doing challenges, I was surprised by what others knew. They would come up with things that were correct and together as a team, the different contributions meant that we put forward an even better answer.

Overall, what did you think of the da Vinci Decathlon?  It’s challenging and it’s fun. We all get to work together as a team. You get to interact with people from other schools. If you ever get the chance to do it, do it! It’s really fun and it’s good to work with others.