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Concerns and Communication

It is such a blessing to be part of the school community at Covenant, where the school and parents are daily working in partnership to raise children to live for God’s glory. 

A wonderful thing about Christian community is that our lives overlap through school and church connections, children’s friendships and relationships in the wider community.

This is a privilege that many in our society no longer experience. However, it can mean that when problems arise, there can be a serious risk to our precious relationships.

Covenant is committed to dealing with concerns, complaints and problems, according to biblical principles. We therefore ask our families to raise matters of concern directly with the most relevant person. Please see Mrs Brown's tips for suggestions on who the best person to speak to may be.  

Child protection concerns

It is possible that you could at some point become aware of a situation where a child has been, or could be harmed. This may be through maltreatment, or a child’s needs not being met in their context outside school, or even a concern at school.

If you have any concerns of a child protection nature, I ask you to please contact the Principal, or a deputy principal as soon as possible. If you wish, you may directly report the matter to ‘FACS’ by ringing the Child Protection Hotline on 132 111.

It is natural to be concerned about the implications of a report for the adults involved. However, we need to work in the best interests of the children we are aware of, and care for. We need to trust the agencies which receive these reports to assess the situation so they can protect children. We want to be part of bringing matters out into the light, so that children are safe, or so that a situation is clarified and resolved.

Thank you for being a loving community where the safety and wellbeing of our students is deeply valued. We look forward to continuing in our partnership as we navigate challenges and problems together, with mutual trust and respect.