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'Australia My Country' award

‘Australia My Country’ is a competition run by for students in Years 3-10 attending schools in the northern beaches area. Run jointly by the Northern Beaches RSL clubs, the annual competition is open to all school students from Years 3-10.  

The competition aims to extend students in a variety of ways such as poetry, essays, multimedia and art. All works must reflect what it means to be an Australian.  

Congratulations to Marcella in Year 6, who was awarded Third place in the Poetry category.  

This is Marcella’s poem. 

We cried a million tears together,
As we wanted to hold on forever.
We were not ready to know,
What way will this journey go. 

I’ve never missed her so badly,
I could see her smiling to me sadly.
It was cruel and harsh and never ending,
And soon the letters stopped sending. 

Was she okay? Was she alright?
I tossed and turned throughout the night.
I wondered if she was thinking of me.
And was she sitting under the big gum tree?

Many days and nights flew by,
As I waited patiently and sighed.
It was like forever when the war diminished
And finally the waiting was finished. 

She was all happy to see me at last,
And I was all ready to forget about the past.
My sister was not anymore alone
And I was not anywhere but home.