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A final farewell from Mr Rusin

Dear Parents

During my last week assembly, I had an opportunity to address our students (perhaps better expressed as your children) for the last time. 

It only seems a little while ago that I joined this wonderful community back in 2007. I have had the wonderful privilege of sharing in the first day of Kindergarten and the last day of Year 12 for our students who graduated this year. 13 years have now passed, and it seems a fitting time therefore to say goodbye to you. What a joy it has been to share this pilgrim journey with you. My life has been filled with connections with children and those who care for them. This is something that I have, and will continue to treasure. But for now, I will have more time for my own now adult children, and my wonderful grandchildren.

However, in this my last newsletter item, I wish to leave with you what I think is most important in life.

I want to remind you that Jesus is King of the universe, and that as the King, he loves you and me, and he loves all that he has created. He loved you and me enough to suffer the great shame of dying on a cross, and he rose again, and still reigns as the King of the Universe. He did this, not because we are deserving of anything, but simply because he loves us.

BUT, the story doesn’t end there.

He is going to come back again! When he does, all things will be put right. Wickedness will no longer be present, and those who are his children will live in absolute and wonderful contentment in his presence.

Let that sink in.

For most of you, this is the last time I will see you, this side of his return. May you understand how deep, how wide, how long the love of God is towards his people, and his creation. May you seek to live in the light of this glorious truth, and may you live lives worthy of this wonderful calling.

Thank you, and may you rest in this marvellous good news. Enjoy your rest this Christmas!

Bill Rusin