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Course - Industrial Technology Multimedia Technologies

The Industrial Technology Preliminary and HSC Course consists of project work and industry study that develops a broad range of skills and knowledge in the focus area chosen, and an introduction to industrial processes and practices. At Covenant, the focus area of this course is Multimedia Technologies.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


What projects are we given?

In Year 11, we produce a logo, an advert/trailer and a film genre of your choice. Each project provides opportunities to learn new skills and to understand what is involved in managing a large project before the HSC Major Work. 

How much theory is there?

Like any HSC course, there is a significant theoretical component to the Industrial Technology course. This includes a study of the multimedia industry, along with the foundational knowledge and understanding of equipment, processes and technologies used while creating different types of media. This theory is provided in the context of the projects students complete, and ultimately drives better practical outcomes. 

Is there any coding involved?

As we focus our learning on film making, there is no coding involved. However, if you wish to undergo designing a webpage or app as part of a project, then there is an opportunity to learn coding for yourself here.  

How big is the HSC folio?

The Industrial Technology HSC folio limit is 80 A4 pages. A sample band 6 folio is provided for reference. While this seems quite large at first glance, please realise that it is a whole years’ worth of work. Breaking it down into small achievable chunks is the key to success. 40 weeks of the year, 80 pages equals 2 pages a week. A very achievable task especially given that many pages consist of sketches, screenshots and photographs.

Should I do two major work subjects?

I guess this comes down to the student. Major works are all due within a four week period of each other, coinciding with the Trial HSC examinations. This can place considerable stress on students, and can impact their ability to study for the Trial Examinations as they endeavor to finish off two major works. Consistent application throughout the year is the most important relieving factor. Do you tend to leaving things to the last minute? Probably best to stick to one major work. Another option - you could do two and drop one of them at the end of Year 11.

Do I need to buy my own camera?

In most cases, your phone camera will be sufficient enough to complete the projects in Year 11. If you continue with the HSC course, you may want to consider having access to a quality camera. However, you won’t be disadvantaged if this is not something you wish to purchase.

Is there a lot of computer work?

Yes. This means you will need a reliable laptop and external hard drive. You will be doing a lot of editing, research and planning on your laptop. We do encourage sketching, drawing, filming on location.

Do I need previous knowledge of film making?

No. However, a passion and interest in film making is always desirable! Many students who pick this course have other interests in music, art, drama and/or photography as there is a strong creative element to film making.

If you have further questions, please contact:
TAS Coordinator - Mr Nick Williams