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Course - Chemistry

This course develops an understanding of the fundamentals of chemical knowledge through the exploration of models and understanding of theories and laws. It also develops the basic skills used in scientific research. It equips students with knowledge and skills in chemistry that can be used for the good of society and for the glory of God.

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Is Chemistry very different from Year 10 Science?

It is quite different – but that’s part of the fun of it! We go into depth into some of the concepts we only briefly look at in Year 10. Different types of chemical reactions, balancing equations and the structure of atoms and compounds are only a part of Year 9 and 10, but they are explored for most of the Year 11 Chemistry course. 

How much study will I need to do to do well in Chemistry?

The Chemistry course can be a challenge for students not in the habit of regular revision of classwork. I’d recommend setting an hour or more aside each week for homework and regular revision. There are some key concepts that will need practice in early in the course, such as balancing equations, chemical calculations and learning how to write chemical formulae. These are the building blocks for Year 12, so they need to be a solid foundation. 

If you have further questions, please contact:
Science Coordinator - Mr Michael Green