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Course - Community and Family Studies

Community and Family Studies is an interdisciplinary course which draws upon family studies, sociology, developmental psychology and students’ life experience, to give a detailed study of human behaviour and societal interaction. The course has a strong focus on effective resource management that enables a person to function effectively in his/her everyday life, whilst acknowledging at all times that God calls us to live in fellowship and harmony with one another and with Him.

Students will begin with an exploration of the term ‘worldview’ and be challenged to think through what a Christian worldview is. They will also explore factors affecting wellbeing and the difference between specific needs and wants. Value clarification exercises and critical analyses of media and contemporary society will be key components of this course. The dynamic nature of this course places importance on the skills of inquiry and investigation. Research, therefore, is an integral component of every unit. Students are required to develop and utilise skills in planning, recording, interpreting, analysing and synthesising as they employ various research methodologies and finally complete an Independent Research Project (IRP).

Download the PDF (below) to get the full course description.


Who will be teaching Community and Family Studies?

At this stage no decision has been made.  

Are there any practical lessons?

There are no practical lessons for this subject. 

Do you have to be good at essays?

Throughout Year 11 and 12 there will be short and long responses that you will complete to demonstrate your understanding. There will also be long answer questions in examinations that will require a level of structure in your response. 

How much content is there?

CAFS does contain significant levels of content and does require students to have a high level of capacity in taking notes and revising concepts regularly. Students conduct a significant amount of research in the Year 11 and Year 12 course. 

What jobs would selecting CAFS be useful for?

Health industry, education, social work, social science, research field.

Is it an ATAR subject?

CAFS is a Category A subject that does contribute towards an ATAR score.

If you have further questions, please contact:
PDHPE Coordinator - Mr Logan Wakeford