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Faculty - Maths

Mathematics Standard

The Mathematics Standard courses are focused on enabling students to use mathematics effectively, efficiently and critically to make informed decisions in their daily lives. They provide students with opportunities to develop an understanding of, and competence in, further aspects of mathematics through a large variety of real-world applications for a range of concurrent HSC subjects.

Mathematics Standard 2 is designed for those students who want to extend their mathematical skills beyond Stage 5 but are not seeking the in-depth knowledge of higher mathematics that the study of calculus would provide. This course offers students the opportunity to prepare for a wide range of educational and employment aspirations, including continuing their studies at a tertiary level. 

Mathematics Standard 1 is designed to help students improve their numeracy by building their confidence and success in making mathematics meaningful. Numeracy is more than being able to operate with numbers. It requires mathematical knowledge and understanding, mathematical problem-solving skills and literacy skills, as well as positive attitudes. This course offers students the opportunity to prepare for post-school options of employment or further training. 

A decision about whether a student will study Mathematics Standard 1 or 2 will be made at the end of the Preliminary course. The course is fully prescribed, and is designed to support vocational education courses. It provides an appropriate mathematical background for students who do not wish to pursue the formal study of mathematics at tertiary level, while giving a strong foundation for university study in the areas of business, humanities, nursing and paramedical sciences.

Download Mathematics Standard Course Outline

Mathematics Advanced

The course is intended to give students who have demonstrated general competence in the skills of Year 10 Mathematics an understanding of and competence in some further aspects of mathematics which are applicable to the real world. It has general educational merit and is also useful for concurrent studies in science and humanities. The course is a sufficient basis for further studies in mathematics as a minor discipline at tertiary level in support of courses such as the life sciences or commerce. Students who require substantial mathematics at a tertiary level, supporting the physical sciences, computer science or engineering, should undertake the Mathematics Extension 1 course or Mathematics Extension 2 course. Note: Students who study Mathematics Extension 1 also study Mathematics Advanced.

Download Mathematics Advanced Course Outline

Mathematics Extension 1

The content of this course, and its depth of treatment, indicate that it is intended for students who have demonstrated a mastery of the skills of Year 10 Mathematics and who are interested in the study of further skills and ideas in mathematics. This course is intended to give these students a thorough understanding of and competence in aspects of mathematics, including many which are applicable to the real world. It has general educational merit and is also useful for concurrent studies of science, industrial arts and humanities. The course is a recommended minimum basis for further studies in mathematics as a major discipline at a tertiary level and for the study of mathematics in support of the physical and engineering sciences. Although the Mathematics Extension 1 course is sufficient for these purposes, students of outstanding mathematical ability should consider undertaking the Mathematics Extension 2 course.

Download Mathematics Extension 1 Course Outline

Mathematics Extension 2

The course offers a suitable preparation for study of mathematics at tertiary level, as well as a deeper and more extensive treatment of certain topics than is offered in other mathematics courses. It represents a distinctly high level in school mathematics involving the development of considerable manipulative skill and a high degree of understanding of the fundamental ideas of algebra and calculus. These topics are treated in some depth, thus the course provides a sufficient basis for a wide range of useful applications of mathematics, as well as an adequate foundation for the further study of the subject.

Download Mathematics Extension 2 Course Outline


Which Mathematics course should I do?

You Mathematics teacher will have recommended a course for you in Year 11 and 12 which is based on their understanding of your capability, effort and application. However, the final decision ultimately rests with you. It would be wise to consider what course is a minimum requirement for any future studies. 

Can I start in Mathematics Advanced and change to Mathematics Standard if the course is too hard?

Absolutely. If you are unsure whether to choose Advanced or Standard, it is best to start in Advanced and move across to Standard if the course is too difficult. You cannot move in the opposite direction. 

Does Mathematics Advanced scale higher than Mathematics Standard?

Yes, as it is a more challenging course. However, you should choose a course that you are more likely to enjoy and succeed in. 

What if I can’t come to before-school classes for Mathematics Extension 1?

As a Mathematics Extension 1 student, you must attend before-school classes two mornings a week. These start at 7.45am. If you are not able to make it these mandatory classes, then you should not enroll in this course. 

Do I have to do Mathematics Extension 1 in to be able to enrol in Mathematics Extension 2?

Yes, Mathematics Extension 1 is a prerequisite for Mathematics Extension 2. In Year 12, you will be attending lessons for Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 (8 periods in total).

What is the difference between Mathematics Standard 2 and Mathematics Standard 1?

At the end of Year 11, students in Mathematics Standard will need to choose whether they enroll in Mathematics Standard 2 or Standard 1 in Year 12.

  • Mathematics Standard 2 is a Category A course and is eligible for an ATAR. Most of our students choose this course. 
  • Mathematics Standard 1 is a simplified version of the Standard 2 course. It is designed for students who need 2 Units to count toward their HSC, but might not need an ATAR. Mathematics Standard 1 is a Category B course and students are only eligible for an ATAR if they sit the optional HSC exam, AND are not enrolled in any other Category B course. Mathematics Standard 1 will only run in Year 12 if we have enough numbers. 
Is there an extended assignment in each course?

Yes, every Mathematics course has an extended assignment in both Year 11 and 12. 

Which teachers are teaching each course?

We do not know at this stage which teachers will be teaching each course. You should choose your course according your interests and capabilities. 

If you have further questions, please contact:
Mathematics Coordinator - Mrs Silva Mekerdichian